“Bearable” reminder cards and games….

These  “Bearable Cards”  are taken from the book “Bearable”… the picture book in the previous post.  Some people with children have been looking at that Bearable post, so I’m adding a few more ideas and printable materials that I find helpful.  Kids like these Bearable “cards”…and they provide good reminders for me too.  The cards can also be used with kids in a card game or board game. (see below)

More cards for use in the card game…directions below…

cards to try to avoid… and others to try to get….

(click on images to enlarge to full size)

A board game for kids…to help remember positive strategies…

I use “tickets” in my classroom when the kids try hard, keep going, work hard…they keep tickets in a little container and exchange for 10’s tickets, 100’s tickets, 500’s tickets. They don’t use the tickets to buy anything…it’s the honor of seeing how much they add up to and getting to be in the various clubs: “1oo club”, “500 club”, “1000 club”…the emphasis is not on the actual ticket, but that the tickets represent how many times they’ve really tried hard or kept going, in spite of the schoolwork being difficult for them. They love the collecting and exchanging …

For anyone who wants to print items: (large files, may open slowly)
pdf of Bearable Cards: Bearable cards one page
pdf of Uh oh and Get an extra turn cards: Bearable uhoh cards etc
pdf of Gameboards: Bearable game board: boards one and two
pdf of Gameboards: Bearable game boards three and four
pdf of Bookmarks:  Bearble Bookmarks

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12 Responses to “Bearable” reminder cards and games….

  1. nrhatch says:

    How cute! I bet kids would love this. 😀


  2. Roberta says:

    Wow! This is wonderful..Kids need people around them that care, inspire and encourage..That is you!!


  3. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Great ideas! I’m definitely adopting some of these.


  4. ElizOF says:

    Excellent idea… I love the positive messages they carry. 🙂


  5. sufilight says:

    You are very talented! You could be selling this in gift shops that stock unique items. I see these type of creations in my local gift shop reason why I like to visit their shop.


    • Thank you…I have thought of doing more with some of the materials, but for one thing, I used photos from the internet, so no permission for them. But, even more important, I’d really like to freely give the ideas/access to book and materials to people and not have them pay for them…but I don’t know quite how to go about doing that.


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