“It’s amazing the things we do…to avoid doing amazing things” …strategies for shifing out of avoidance and into “doing”

The following observation was on Nancy Hatch’s site, Spirit Lights the Way….written by Nancy…. a remarkably insightful observation….

The first time that I read that sentence, I was stunned….and the second time and the third and the fourth….. is that dynamic familiar to anyone else?…it certainly is familiar to me….

As I thought more about that idea, it occurred to me that there might be several places where “doing amazing things” could  get sidetracked…and those spots fit perfectly on the “wish it…dream it….do it….” cupboard door phrases….

We might limit ourselves
and not even wish it….


Or perhaps we don’t take the next step
to imagine it and dream it…


Or maybe we wish it…and dream it…..
but don’t carry over into action and do it…


Or perhaps we start doing it
but get distracted or discouraged or overwhelmed….
and don’t follow through with it….


Doing “amazing things” might involve all of these steps….
wish it….dream it…do it….


and taking baby steps along the way…
step by step by step….
progressing from one stage to the next….

all with the wonderful goal and potential outcome
of doing more amazing things…

Some steps…..

And shifting into….

May we all learn how
to wish it…dream it….do it….
to gather, focus and use our creative energies

and be productive
in doing….

“amazing things”


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27 Responses to “It’s amazing the things we do…to avoid doing amazing things” …strategies for shifing out of avoidance and into “doing”

  1. nrhatch says:

    Here’s to living amazing lives . . . on a moment by moment basis! 😀


    • Thanks Nancy…”living amazing lives…moment by moment” …..
      perhaps….permission to add that to another “page” on the post???? : )

      Nancy…or anyone else…the wordpress composing page won’t seem to allow me to add more images to an existing post…this post in particular..(I made that comment into an image page)….I click on “media” to go to my own computer jpegs or to the media library within my blog, but nothing happens….no response….anyone know about this and how to get around it? (I usually add a number of ideas/images etc to my posts throughout the hours/days after I post…the posts seem to help my own thinking progression…but now…no progression in the composing window) ( ps…a few minutes later…well I did manage to add that image to the end of the post.. through: exit…enter…put it in the middle of the post…cut it…paste it below…save…but that’s a very convoluted way…and didn’t work earlier…any ideas from anyone??? )


  2. cuhome says:

    Wonderful way to remembe how to begin and carry through, as you put it, “wish it, dream it, do it”. Great!


  3. sufilight says:

    Wow, this kinda made my eyes wet with gratitude. Just this morning, I was getting into doubt about a project I started to create and your message reminded me to not sabotage this amazing gift of creativity we all have. Have bookmarked this post so I don’t lose it and can come back to read. 🙂


    • Ah yes…doubt…such a strong deterrent…. well, it seems to be a common challenge for many of us and contains thoughts that are probably better ignored or dismissed…and moving on to the positive… but I understand… I even doubted whether to post these “pages”…unsure if anyone besides myself might relate to the ideas… but it seems that several of us do… so we’re all in this together… : ) ..(btw….I really am amazed by the creativity and positive “flow” of the many wonderful bloggers and blogs that I read…it seems like there is something quite powerful going on/evolving in the blog-s-sphere…has anyone else noticed this?…)


  4. You are the original percolator…drip, drip, dripping…with ideas! Love it!


  5. judithhb says:

    I just love this post. A great reminder just when some of us are setting New Year resolutions. I too have bookmarked this post so that I can return to it. 🙂


  6. Dear Pocket Perspectives,
    I have nominated you and this site for the new Candle Lighter Award. Visit my blog at http://ahopefortoday.com to learn more about the award. All you have to do is accept the award. No strings attached. Copy the award icon and place it on your blog. Then share the award with other bloggers who you feel are deserving of the award. You can discover more about this award at The Woman at the Well’s WordPress blog, because she is the one who nominated me. Blessings, Connie



  7. Boy, I needed this post. That is me to a “T.”


  8. brittany220 says:

    Great post! Wish it, dream it, do it- short, sweet, and a powerful message! The hardest part is the doing, but that’s the part where all the amazing things are made possible! Here’s to a Happy New Year!


    • Hi Brittany….thank you…
      I think that if the wish it/dream it and strong sense of the motivation behind the “why” of it is able to be held in the present moment, then the “do it” can be a bit less difficult…but yes, that “do it” can be hard…. my sincere and heartfelt congratulations to you for “doing it” with your shyness project…what a remarkable year you’ve had…And a very Happy New Year to you too…. Kathy


  9. tuesday2 says:

    All true! I find myself thinking about ALL that I have to do instead of just ‘doing it’ and having it over with instead of letting it eat away at me!

    I am trying to take care of what I can in that very moment instead of dreading the task and making it seem so much harder than it really is!

    Doing ok with this; I’m considering it my latest project! 😀


    • Now, that’s a good idea…. learning the “skill” behind getting started and/or keeping going…then it’s usable/transferable for all those projects… (oh I bet that’s the word from all those teacher workshops we go to….”metacognition”…thinking about the thinking behind learning something…I KNEW that concept would come in handy some day…. : ) )


  10. granbee says:

    One of the first inspiring blogs I discovered after starting my own blog in late September of 2011 was zendictive’s site. He just pointed us to this article about doing amazing things. I am AMAZED and EXCITED! Thank you and bless you!


  11. suzicate says:

    Nancy’s wisdom is pretty amazing!


  12. zendictive says:

    love the cabinets and the presentation (~_~)


    • I love that Julie put those stickers on her cabinets….and you know where the stickers are from…????…the dollar store! You just never know… And the ideas in the stickers fit really well into the progression of doing and creating… serendipitous….


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