The time to be happy is…

“Right now” is what we have….
if we want to be happy, then now IS the time …
I try to remind myself….
perhaps, try to notice…
what we do have…
what we can do…
what we do value…
those and what we hold dear…

if not now, then when???


Right now is what we have…. the time to be happy is now….if not now, then when???
I try to ask myself these questions….when?…..

later today?
next week?
next month?
next year?
once this problem is taken care of?
once that project is done?
“tempus fugit”….time flies……..
we don’t know how much time we have…



A timely reminder for myself…and any others  who might benefit….

May we learn to live in this moment and value what we do have in this moment….

This moment is precious, as long as we bring our positive awareness to it…

May we all flourish and be happy…..


Previous post: Happiness….if not now, then when? , May 29, lots and lots  of good links to other helpful sites in that post

Link to a really helpful article/post that I just found… by Polly Campbell, Imperfect Spirituality, “How to set an intention”


Disclosure: this post was inspired by…. 🙄 decorating the Christmas tree this morning 🙄 …my husband and I have very different ways of approaching putting the lights on the tree….and it seems that I have some fixed ideas about how it “should/could” be done…wouldn’t it be sad to miss out on the happiness of decorating a Christmas tree over my  reaction to differing styles of putting on lights???  (ps…we’re been together 35 years and really have very few conflicts…perhaps, time for me to let go of  this position, and appreciate that we have a tree, we have lights and decorations,  we have a home, we have and enjoy each other…we have soooo much…..and so…this post as a reminder to myself…. 🙄  and a sincere apology to him for, at times,  being  feisty and somewhat impatient )

Further explanation: All of the “pages” that I make….I make them, not because I’m “good” at what they say, but usually the opposite…..whatever each page is about….it’s an area of  repeated  challenge/difficulty that continues to crop up in how I think/feel/do things… until I finally get to the point of  “throwing up my hands” ….and then bringing those hands down and  putting my fingers on the keyboard… and creating a page to try to support myself in shifting…so please don’t think that I’m saying that I’m particularly “good” at this stuff… or that I’m advising others….I’m right in there…. trying to learn and practice these ideas in my everyday life.


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15 Responses to The time to be happy is…

  1. Noel says:

    Awesome post! The present is all we have. The here and now is all we can count on to be happy in this world. I struggle with this, but I am convinced that getting rid of all the worries about the future and all the regets about the past will help me to focus on what really matters: the present. Thanks for the reminder. (so, how did the Christmas lights end up ?)


    • Well…we’re half way through the decorating… We didn’t test the lights before putting them up and 2 different strands were not working once they were on the tree. They’re all there now and are beautiful. I wanted to stop for a few minutes and take a few breaths, get some perspective and think my way through my reactions… But the 2 large ladders are still there and we’re going to shift to decorations now. And my husband, a very easy going and patient person, just read this post and had a pleased smile on his face…so shifting is in progress.


  2. zendictive says:

    decorating the tree can be such inspiration (~_~) great post


  3. sufilight says:

    Kathy, Reading about your husband and the tree decoration and your introspection made my heart feel warmth and brought smiles. 🙂 We haven’t purchased our tree yet but will soon.


  4. nrhatch says:

    I’m glad that you didn’t let your desires get in the way of your happiness this morning, Kathy. 😀


  5. tc510 says:

    I love this. Thanks.


  6. Joni says:

    Sometimes it is hard to remember this simple truth…thanks for the reminder! And, thanks for the “like”…


  7. eof737 says:

    You are good at what you do, and you have your way with the tree lights… it’s all good! 🙂


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