Living in the “now”…today IS your moment

Yesterday, I posted some pages and a youtube video, “Now: Today is the moment,”  about some special  lines from a song, “Today While the Blossoms Still Cling to the Vine”

One  line from that song really resonates with me…

“Today is my moment, and now is my story”

I created and posted some pages about this line… coming back to this moment… this moment of “now”…letting go of rambling in the past or the future…to take advantage of this present moment and live it was well as we can.  I  assembled those pages into a youtube video…using the words  “my.”

Yesterday, I revised those pages, replacing the word “my” with the word “your” … because I think it might sometimes be easier for people reading things to relate to the word  “your,” rather than the word “my.”

So….here is that revised youtube video… “Today IS your  moment,  Now  IS your story”…similar format, different music…


Tying in with this idea of learning to live more in each present moment…..yesterday, I read a really wonderful book….Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor, a woman with a PhD in Brain Anatomy.  (thank you Nancy Hatch, from Spirit Lights the Way, “Mastering your thoughts”, for that recommendation)

In her book, Jill Bolte Taylor describes her awareness during and after a left brain stroke that she experienced when she was 37 years old. She goes into very helpful detail about left brain planning/judging/thinking/ language functions and right brain/intuitive/picture, image/present moment orientations.

She gives excellent descriptions and ideas about how to nurture that right brain/present moment awareness…I highly recommend her book!…especially if you’re trying to learn to be more present moment oriented, and trying to learn to let go of that left brain mind chatter/judging…she has great ideas in there!

She also has a really good website,  My Stroke of Insight, with the embedded TED video, her appearance on Oprah, balanced brain techniques, links and resources.

TED video describing her experience of the dynamics of a stroke and recovery…brain functioning and how to enhance our own brain functioning….wonderfully inspirational and  insightful!  (that picture of the author on the youtube page looks a bit “unusual”…the video is good, not like that photo looks)

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8 Responses to Living in the “now”…today IS your moment

  1. nrhatch says:

    Glad you enjoyed the book. I loved it. So did BFF. Fascinating to have a brain scientist be able to experience a stroke and share her experience with us. Be Here Now!


    • It is a remarkable book….not only the sections about her actual stroke, but the recovery. The book has so many good ideas about how to enhance that right brain awareness and to limit the left brain chatter. I think I’ll actually take notes on what she wrote….ideas that I think would be helpful for me. I’ve been noticing changes in my own thinking and functioning…maybe the aging brain? That excessive left brain thinking has contributed to a lot of difficulties in the past few years, so maybe I’ll just let it continue to fade… 🙄 …nah, left brain is needed for everyday life, so I’ll start exercising it more.


  2. sufilight says:

    Kathy, I read the book and she is fascinating! As Nancy suggestts having a scientist be able to share of her experience is fascinating, kind of gives me goosebumps. 🙂

    I nomitated you for a little something 🙂


    • Hi Marie…oh thank you…I had seen that a bit earlier, but went into “oh my goodness” mode….so, thank you so much…that was so kind of you.
      And yes, that book is wonderful! I’m going to explore her web site, too…I think I might benefit from some of her ideas and strategies….I’m seeing some fading of my memory and thinking in the past year, so maybe some of her ideas might help. (I’m even thinking of retiring or cutting back even more at work…I really love working with the kids I teach, but I think the demands of the paperwork etc are wearing me…and my brain…out )


  3. leah77 says:

    Oooo! I will have to pick this book up for sure. My brain needs all the help it can get!
    Great post my dear.
    As always I’m inspired RIGHT NOW! LOL!


    • Hi Leah….LOL….right now? Took me a second to get that one…left brain delay, probably.
      I’ve already reread my underlinings in the book and plan to go through it again….I’d love to be able to integrate those ideas into my everyday awareness! (I did take a different outlook on the idea of “now” after reading it…instead of a linear/word “now”, I’m thinking in terms of ripples… But really, there are wonderful insights in the book! And now I “see” why I think in pictures and images….right brain. May we ripple along…. 🙄 kathy


  4. eof737 says:

    I remember seeing her on Oprah and being quite impressed…. She is a remarkable woman. TY! 🙂


    • She really seems like a remarkable woman…..amazing courage and persistence, besides now having such insight into different brain/mind/spirit states… I’m learning so much from what she has written and very thankful that she is so committed to sharing her insights.


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