A Starbuck Moment….her Christmas list


For those unfamiliar with Starbuck, the kitty….she  is my daughter’s well loved kitty…Starbuck (no  s…not Starbucks ) was abandoned and living outdoors…she meowed at  my daughter’s apartment window a night in November, 2010.  My daughter managed to get her inside and gave her a home, love and affection….Since that time, Starbuck has fattened up…and since the photo has slimmed down…. gotten her health back and has settled into  her own kind of domestic bliss…and even has a web presence ….in “Starbuck Moment” ….  google image search result for “Starbuck Moment”

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Starbuck drinking a Starbucks
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19 Responses to A Starbuck Moment….her Christmas list

  1. nrhatch says:

    Sweet! Cats are intrigued by our technology . . . or maybe they really do send missives to the North Pole. 😀


  2. eof737 says:

    Adorable… what a blessing too. 🙂


  3. leah77 says:

    How sweet of your daughter to take in puddy! Now she’s a celebrity kitty living fat and happy! LOL!!


  4. sufilight says:

    This is touching! Your daughter has a good heart. It’s nice to see the positive side of life, so thank you for sharing this and bringing warmth in my moment. 🙂


    • Hi Marie…She does have a wonderful heart…. and it’s turned out so nice for both she and Starbuck!
      And I’m so happy to add some warm moments….often so needed and appreciated, too…. warm smiles to you from me, too…. : )


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  6. zendictive says:

    oh, now that was cute (~_~)


  7. What a chubby cat–must be well-loved! How wonderful for Starbuck to have come to your daughter’s door. I once lost my rescued cat during winter . . . I hope he found someone like your daughter.


    • Starbuck has slimmed down since this was taken…J. changed the type of food and the extra pounds disappeared…Unfortunately, someone, in her early life, had Starbuck declawed, so she can’t go outside and wander or explore…sedentary, but very happy, lifestyle there. And it really was a blessing for both of them that she arrived that evening…
      Ohhh…I hope your kitty found a loving home, too.


  8. brittany220 says:

    Aww she’s a cute kitty! And I love her Christmas list. 🙂 My friend Luke recently took in a cat that he found abandoned. She is very small and very fearful and goes into hiding whenever he has people over. We met her for the first time last week and she hid from us for a while, then occasionally would watch us from down the hall around the corner, then eventually got close and started playing with the ball of string my brother was holding up for her. That was cute. Then she’d return to hiding, then creep back. Near the end Luke brought her out in his arms and let me pet her, and usually she tries to run away but when I was petting her she relaxed and was purring actually! It was really cool and Luke said that’s never happened before. I guess we just made some sort of connection and she trusted me. He named his cat Willow.


    • Hi Brittany….Starbuck is such a wonderful kitty…and what could be nicer than catnip, hugs and love??? : )
      Ohhhh, what a special connection you had with Willow…you must have a soothing spirit. Isn’t that kind of trust a special thing? I hope she settles in and feels more comfortable soon. : )


  9. Robin says:

    Awwww! So cute. 🙂


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