The Bongo Board…balancing in the present moment

Sometimes I find it helpful
to think of my mind being a bit like a body balancing on a Bongo Board….

When I put too much weight to one side, for example in the past….
the board tips and I tumble off.
If I put too much weight to the other side…the future…

off I go…tumbling off again.

if I can stay balanced over that central pivot point…
the present moment…
then there is more potential for steadiness and stability.

I do try to keep in mind that things  I’ve done in those past moments did “exist,” in their own ways…and  they are influencing this present moment…that this present moment is evolving out of millions of past experiences….but it’s not helpful to “tip” into that past…the past is  done, finished, completed and it’s simply not helpful to the present moment to put my weight there now.

And what happens in the future will certainly evolve out of the multitude of completed past and currently present moments…but spending time and energy imagining that anticipated future isn’t helpful or productive either.

And so…to imagine being on that Bongo Board…
  one’s mind with positive motivation and  energy,
consistently balanced
in this present moment…


Note: I really do practice imagining myself on that Bongo Board…and imagine that feeling of “mind mumbling” or rethinking the past…and imagine the kinesthetic sense of  actually tipping off…and the same for imagining  worrying about an anticipated future…and again tipping off …and then to imagine that nice sense of balance in that present moment. ( but I don’t have a Bongo Board and think I’d be better off not actually getting on one…to preserve a functioning body in this appreciated present moment and that positively anticipated future….  🙄  )

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7 Responses to The Bongo Board…balancing in the present moment

  1. nrhatch says:

    This post is TERRIFIC, Kathy! One of your best. 😀


  2. eof737 says:

    Life is a balancing act and we all struggle to find that middle ground….; -)


  3. enermazing says:

    Wonderful post! Visualisation is a great tool for instant help from the inside 🙂 A Bongo Board (no, I don’t have one, but I did windsurfing) demonstrates also that balance is not static, but flexible, and that sudden changes are not helpful at all… – We don’t learn how to balance in a static no-problem system, there’s no need to; so occasionally when all’s going well, we create our own problems to practice our balance 😉


    • Thanks.
      I like your expanded ideas about balance, flexibly and adapting to changes..thanks! And…ah ha!…so that’s what I do…create opportunities to practice balance…. ; )


      • enermazing says:

        We all do, knowingly/consciously or not. And I think exactly that leads to one of the biggest problems of all: to take responsibility for the problems we’ve got instead of blaming others or “circumstances”. Once we can accept that we can see problems for what they really are: questions, opportunities which help us find focus and balance in the chaos.


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