**** Pocket Reminder Cards Set 5 ****

The following “pocket cards” are from July and August posts:

Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading

Links to posts that explain or elaborate on each card:

Appreciate….be grateful”

“Feelings: Arise…abide….dissolve”

“Creating ripples”

“Flying on the wings of wisdom and compassion”

“The Sweetness of….”

“May we dance brightly….”

“Good things are happening all the time…”

“Steps to support clear thinking….”

Each morning, I choose a few cards to keep in my pocket that day. I choose based on how I’m feeling that morning, qualities I might need for  situations that I think that I might encounter that day or ideas I’m trying to integrate into how I live each day.

There are 4 other sets of reminder cards. (to view: click on image or link)

Set One: Posts from April, 2011

Set Two: posts from May, 2011

Set Three: posts from May and June, 2011

Set Four: posts from June and July, 2011

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