Loving kindness: May we all feel….

 “Loving kindness” wishes…





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The phrases on this page are from a  practice called “Loving Kindness.”  The purpose of this practice is to generate a heartfelt sense of  compassion and loving kindness toward others and oneself.

When I think about it, it really seems that….

what affects one, affects us all.
what affects you, affects me.
what affects “them,”  affects “us”….
perhaps, there is no “them,”  just “all of us”…

And therefore,

“may we all feel happy and contented,
healthy and strong,
safe and protected
and at ease”


The phrases are repeated again and again, with heartfelt wishes,  starting with “May I feel….”, repeating the four qualities on the right side, progressing to “May you feel….,” “May we feel….” and then “May all beings feel…..”


August 11, 2011: Today is my birthday…and so I chose my very favorite page to repost for today…the choice took some real thought, because I really love many of the pages... but I decided that my wish for “loving kindness for us all” is the one for today.

A link to a pretty card… “with warmth, love and appreciation”

This post was originally “posted” Loving Kindness: April 7,  (there  are a few good links in that post…)

And so, again….my wish…

may we all feel happy and contented,
healthy and strong,
safe and protected
and at ease


There is a beautiful  “prayer” called Shantideva’s Prayer” that expresses this “loving kindness” sentiment…I’m told that it’s a daily prayer of the DalaiLama.  Shantideva was a scholar/monk/poet who lived in the 8th century.

Shantideva's Prayer




 A VERY special song: Praises for the World   (youtube) Jennifer Berezan writes and sings wonderful songs. Here is a really special youtube video from the making of A Song For All Beings, a Loving Kindness CD. (definitely worth watching and listening to!) It’s also a wonderful CD. There is also a clip of Jack Kornfield doing a special loving kindness meditation in that youtube clip and  CD . Imagine, by John Lennon (youtube)

Loving kindness sites/books: Dr.Kristin Neff   Kelly McGonigal  Sylvia Boorstein   Ven. Jampa Choepal

Another beautiful song: song clip from Metta (Loving-kindness),Karuna, by Betsy Rose

Anyone know some other favorite “loving kindness” sites?
Anyone have some other good ways of developing a sense of loving kindness?


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19 Responses to Loving kindness: May we all feel….

  1. nrhatch says:

    Happy Birthday.

    One of my favorite people in the whole world was born on August 11th in 1892. She’s no longer here, but happy memories linger.


  2. What a special day for you, too…I bet you received lots of love and kindness from her…and gave lots back,too. I hope you have time to savor and be thankful for special memories of her today.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.


  3. tari brand says:

    love this. thank you


  4. enermazing says:

    You are asking for “loving kindness” sites – do you know “Year of Kindness”? http://yearofkindness.wordpress.com/


  5. theponderingturtle says:

    This post reminded me of a Korean proverb I saw framed up on a wall of a Mechanics, yesterday. (Koreans like to have proverbs up in their homes and workplaces) It roughly translated to:

    ‘My virtue, Your influence (or fault)’

    I had been thinking about it all day and I think your post has elaborated on that proverb nicely, ‘What affects you, affects me’… And I often ponder how strangely beautiful it is how things just fall into place, and questions or answers appear in the most random places.
    It’s also nice to know that you love so many of your own pages. I’ve enjoyed the couple of posts I have had the chance to read and I’m glad you found my blog : )


    • I’m also amazed by how things seem to randomly fall into place or questions or answers appear….it seems to happen to me quite often…and I’m genuinely thankful for that!!!
      And yes…after I wrote about loving some of my pages and not being able to decide which one that I would post on my birthday…I had a thought about…”ohhh, I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant “. But then I realized that the pages are a bit like one’s own children…feeling a genuine affection and warmth towards them…and so I do. I also love “pretty things” and I really love things that help me feel more balanced or happier…and the pages are both of those for me. : ) So, pondering turtle, thank you for your ideas!


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  7. Amy says:

    I love this practice. It is incredibly simply and amazingly profound.


    • I agree….. and the simpleness and basic goodness of the words/ideas are remarkable. I find it quite easy to feeling loving kindness toward people that I like/love/feel accepted by…but there are others situations that I find more challenging…That second page in the post really changed how I look at people that I might feel a sense of conflict, tension or discomfort….realizing that just like myself, no one wants to feel those difficult ways and everyone wants the positives, no matter how they might interact with me or present themselves to others.


  8. AngelaMarie says:

    How wonderful!! Your pages are full of love and warmth. Thank you, and bless you, and may your insights and prayers be shared by many! Angela


  9. Angela, thank you so much for your kind words…I try really hard to keep the pages full of love and warmth…and I do hope that the various pages make it out into the world to others who might benefit from the ideas in them. kathy


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