May we dance brightly… finding our own special “dance”


and a short, one minute  youtube version of that window hanger…

Here are several illustrations
taken from “Pixie Hollow”
a beautiful and magical “children’s”  book…

Some other illustrations from that beautiful book…
(click to enlarge)…
Pixie Hollow at night….
Mother Dove, the Fairy Tree, the Fairy Dancer…

Perseid Meteor Showers
were visible early this morning and tomorrow morning…
and the moon reaching full…


May we each express the magical choreography
of our own special “dance”
throughout our days and nights
to the reaches  of our own starscapes…
may we dance brightly….


A later post in October….“May I dance brightly”

and a very short, one minute  youtube version of that window hanger…


Thank you to Nancy, Spirit Lights the Way for her post today….one that inspires me and reminds me …

“Let your spirit fly without fear
a marvelous
moondance in the wings”


An added note: just minutes after I posted this, my 24 year old daughter Julie and her friend Farrin  (both visiting  us from Washington) started learning/practicing “bibidity bobbity boo”, from Cinderella, on their ukeleles….and singing along with lovely soft voices…ah, special… : )  

And so they also are dancing brightly….
perhaps, it’s contagious????
it seems maybe so…


please consider
passing your own “dance”
along to others today….
: )
may we all dance brightly

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7 Responses to May we dance brightly… finding our own special “dance”

  1. nrhatch says:

    Love this! As Lord Byron would say: On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.

    And thanks for giving me the heads up on the Perseids. I knew they would be appearing in August, but didn’t realize that they’re already here.


  2. Yes, indeed ~ on with the dance! : ) Hey, I saw that little thing… the ” ~ ” thing in one of your posts…I like that!!!! ….it dances along with the writing too….. : ) (I just asked my husband about that…it’s a “tilde” ~ ~ well, I’ve never used one before and certainly never heard it’s name!…but it’s a nice dancing kind of mark! Maybe I’ll add that onto my ellipsis habit. ( Dancing brightly ~ with punctuation marks here…. : )


  3. nrhatch says:

    Love the tilde ~ it’s much prettier than a hyphen. 😀


  4. hugmamma says:

    dance and cinderella…coincidence, but my daughter’s first ballet of her company’s new season…is cinderella…

    coincidence again…? 😉


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