What IS a “coincidence” ??? How COULD this happen?

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The “coincidence”  described on the above map seemed really bizarre to us….how in the world could something like that happen????  Kathy and Peter’s airplane flight from Oakland to LA to Albuquerque was moderately long, with multiple delays. Then there was a delay at the rental car office. Jim’s  trip from Texas to Santa Fe was anticipated to be a 10 to 12 hour drive.

How was it possible that Jim passed us on the freeway, just north of Santa Fe and then stayed within 3 cars from us until the exit to the rental house????  Just 30 seconds difference would have meant we wouldn’t have seen each other on that road.

Of note: Kathy and Peter have been very close and dear friends with Cindy and Jim since we all lived  and met in Berkeley, CA in 1976.  Jim and Cindy moved to Texas in  1990…and we haven’t seem them often since then…when we’re together, however, it’s like we’ve never been apart….is that part of how the “coincidence” could happen???

I would love to hear opinions from others….

of course, there’s no way to “know”, but your ideas?

How do you think “synchronicities” such as this happen????

Opinions appreciated….  : )

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I'd love to "hear" your ideas about this....

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