10,000 Cups of Kindness

10,000 Cups of Kindness…my card of appreciation

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A good reminder to me

that kindness provides so much richness to the lives of others.

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July 28: This is another post/image that I brought up from the  April posts…a continuing reminder to myself to express my thanks and appreciation to others.

An explanation: My husband, Peter, and I had our 26th wedding anniversary, March 31…and in addition to those 26 years, we lived together for 10 years before we got married…wow….36 years….that is A LOT of years!!!..

A few days before our anniversary, Peter arrived  home from Costco with a wonderful Garden Gnome that was holding a lantern…really cute.

Well, I like the idea of lanterns…

the lantern being a bit like a “purpose” in each of our lives,

whatever that purpose might be.

It occurred to me that one of Peter’s “lanterns” is kindness to others…

he is a remarkably kind and generous person.

That got me to thinking about how Peter has gotten up early, almost every day, for all of those years…every single day…and made a fresh pot of coffee for us…STRONG Peet’s coffee.  I actually took out the calculator and figured out that he has made more than 10,000 pots of coffee for us….now that is a lot of coffee….

but even more important…that is A LOT of kindness!

So…I took the garden gnome and 2 of our “special” coffee cups out to the front yard and started photographing that little gnome…from one side of the front yard to another. And here he  is….

10,000 Cups of Kindness…my card of appreciation to Peter.

And a good reminder to me

that kindness and generosity

provide so much richness to the lives of others.

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NOTE from Kathy to anyone looking at this post: a video advertisement just appeared on this post…I (kathy) didn’t  put it here…does anyone know why it appears? Or how it got there? I don’t see it on my computer…but my husband is getting it on his..any ideas about why it’s there? Is anyone getting ads on other posts in this site?

Link to Peet’s Coffee…strong and gooooood…

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2 Responses to 10,000 Cups of Kindness

  1. becca givens says:

    This is great … Ray and I have been married for 20 yrs in April … I tell him it was part of our vows, when we married for me not to awaken to loud noises like an alarm clock … so each morning, he brings coffee to me and whiffs it under my nose to awaken me … same, if we (or I) take a nap – he awakens me with another cup … now that you put it like you did for you and Peter … that is a LOT of cups of kindness … I started a collection of pottered mugs for us … whenever we travel, we find a pottery place and get 2 similar cups with just enough variation in it to be able to tell which is his and which is mine … thank you for reminding me in this manner … I will have to express extra appreciation in the morning! 🙂


  2. What a kind husband you have… : ) I showed your comment to Peter and he got a nice little smile on his face. I’ve noticed that he takes a look at this post once in awhile…I guess being thanked in such an “out in the world” manner feels good to him. And a mug collection…special idea. I love pottery, too.


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