“Mis-gauging”…double checking my observations and interpretions

This post is slightly “embarrassing”….but I think it contains important ideas…it shows how easy it is to follow a line of potentially “logical reasoning”….but if the “original observation” is mistaken, then the entire line of reasoning is mistaken. ….and the damaging judgements that can come out of that. 

The following incident and line of thinking/feeling really happened. I had been driving my husband Peter’s car for a few days and the placement of the gauges on the instrument panel was the opposite of my own car…..on Monday morning, I went back to driving my own car…and I got confused, but didn’t realize I was confused…instead, I blamed.  This incident truly taught me  to not put such credence in my own thinking. (Let me add…my sincere apologies to my husband Peter for the ‘mis-gauging” and misjudging that I did in this  incident.)

And so, for every person who may have been  misunderstood, falsely accused or unfairly criticized….. (and my sincere apologies to my own husband….I  “mis- gauged” )

Click on image to enlarge, for easier reading

As I wrote above…this experience with “mis- gauging” really woke me up to  the awareness of how…

  •   I might “mis- think” in situations
  •   I  might learn to become  more wary about the believability of  my own thinking and judgements 
  •   I can work at trying to remember to “double check” when I shift into judging or emotional reactivity…
  • or perhaps… even if the original observations are accurate, to let go of interpreting.... as in the  two “Why….dropping the added interpretations ” posts…to let go of trying to interpret…

That “mis gauging” really was similar to  the ideas in “The Magical Mystery Tour”

btw…the term “mis-gauging”…that’s from my husband….he’s very clever with words…  : )  And he likes this post and page…he was happy to see that I had realized that I had not only recognized that I had misjudged him,  but that I  regretted the misjudgment…. (we’ve been together 36 years….see “10,000 cups of kindness” for another, more appreciative perspective .)

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