Choosing how we talk….

This page includes some steps

that my family  and I try to  use when we are talking with each other

 Initially, I wanted to try to have other family members try to keep these principles in mind…I thought that the other family members were not doing so great at these qualities. We (I)  taped this page up on a kitchen cupboard door…as a reminder.

What I found out was a bit of a surprise…it turns out I wasn’t as innocent a communicator as I had thought..using a bit more than my own share of  sarcasm and negativity. Well, I changed and so did the others… a very welcome shift.

This page has been on our kitchen cupboard door for about 2 years…

and the change has been remarkable…a very positive change.

Another, simpler version of this page: I have copies of this page on the walls in my classroom…it really helps...And of course, this is equally important to keep in mind for my “ordinary” everyday actions, too… ( I think kind speech is  bit easier than ongoing kind actions…I find that “kind” actions take lots more willingness, intention and energy )

Here is a pdf of 4 smaller versions of this page on one page: Kind Speech: 4 on a page.  Another pdf:  Pocket Reminder Cards: Kind Speech ( I cut these cards…and often put one in my pocket in the morning… a good reminder for me)

These qualities of speech are also called “Wise Speech” or “Ethical Speech” in Buddhism…they also provide good aspirations for my thinking, too…

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