“Wandering “non-worker” exploring happily along”… road trip to Oregon


wandering explorers


What fun!…
a weekend road trip to Oregon!
Away we went!…maps and little inspirations!

wandering explorers...road trip to Oregon


A bit of rain as we drove…but beautiful, too…
And since we’re “exploring,” it doesn’t matter what the weather is..
we’re happy as can be….
exploring happily along!


wandering explorers on the road again


A few bumper stickers on a car in Mount Shasta City,
parked in front of a wonderful little coffee shop,
with the most delicious “Ranger” cookies…

Do you suppose those wild dancers
are wandering happy explorers????
….maybe so….

I don’t wonder at all about “what happened?”
I’m happy as can be about my own paths and meanderings!


wandering explorers...bumper stickers

Ahhhh….a  nice little inn, in Ashland, Oregon
Now that was a BIG, beautiful shower!!!!
someone designed, cut and set a lot of stone!
Showering in the woods, indeed!

And…wonderful owl photos…
…filled with reflections…
That owl had lived in a tree beside the inn!

wandering explorers...huge shower and owls


A beautiful park in Ashland,
next to the community center and theaters
…Lithia Park…
quiet, soothing, inspiring,
spring flowers emerging,


wandering explorers Lithia Park


How fortunate we are…
to have the time, energy and opportunities…
to explore happily along!



wandering explorers..so fortunate!


I hope we ALL have abundant opportunities to wander and explore happily along!


wandering and exploring, happily along~

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12 Responses to “Wandering “non-worker” exploring happily along”… road trip to Oregon

  1. Roberta says:

    Ahhh…So very wonderful to explore…


  2. Robin says:

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure. 🙂


    • We really enjoyed ourselves…a nice weekend! (my H still chooses to work, so couldn’t stay longer….maybe soon…. )


    • We did have such a nice weekend…lots of exploring too. We couldn’t stay longer…or explore further along, because my H still enjoys working…so we needed to get back. I think he’s starting to notice how much more “fun” we might have if he took more time off…maybe soon??? : )


  3. sufilight says:

    This made me smile. I have not been to Ashland, it’s approximately a 4 hour drive from were we live. If I get Phil to fix our motorhome, it would be fun to drive up there.


    • Ashland is a nice little town…it was a 6 hour drive for us, and J drove 8 hours down from Olympia…we went to a workshop each day, but there are lots of good plays etc. If you’re ever visiting around there, Oregon Caves is amazing!..J. and I went there a few years ago…twisty road, but wonderful once you’re up there! What fun to have a motorhome! And what flexibility that gives you! The ultimate wandering home!


  4. looks like a lovely time from beginning to end. So much to see and notice. Just breathing, being aware, loving the time away, the time together. Life is good.


  5. i knew being away so long I was missing important happenings . I would have loved to have met you in my native Oregon for a cuppa.
    I love to wander and meander,, and road trips are the best kind in my mind –
    Hope you had only the best weekend ~


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