A hike in Briones…. a beautiful day for a walk

A beautiful day in the San Francisco Bay Area.
A  nice day for a walk in Briones Regional Park,
just east of the Berkeley Hills.
The hills are greening up,
the air is clear,
the sky is blue,
a lovely day to be outside!

briones hills

We hiked along the valley floor,
but then got the bright idea to walk “just  a little way,” up toward the highlands,
destination for the newts that migrate from Berkeley to the ponds of Briones…
If the newts can climb that hill, certainly we can, too?
A few other people around…a few hikers, bikers, horseback riders, people with strollers…
a lovely day to be outside!

briones walk a few people

Lots of corners on the trail…
lots of places where we could have turned back.

briones corners

But….we actually kept going, all the way to the top…
What a view…what an expanse


a  beautiful California winter day,
blue skies, fresh air, green hills, migrating newts,
and a few of us out there wandering around, too.
A lovely day for a walk!

Briones hills looking toward Berkeley Hills



Link to a good site with photos and descriptions of  previous and scheduled hikes in many San Francisco Bay Area parks, including Briones Regional Park: Winehiker Witiculture, Spring Serenity in Briones

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15 Responses to A hike in Briones…. a beautiful day for a walk

  1. Thank you for bringing it to us. As always your photo layouts are beautiful.


  2. thank you, Georgette. It’s such a lovely season in California…I thought others might enjoy the pretty day, too. We almost didn’t go outside for a walk…thank goodness we did!


  3. brittany220 says:

    Seeing all your lovely pictures and reading your descriptions of your nice walk today makes me wish I had been out hiking today too! I’ll definitely have to catch some more sun tomorrow, today was more of an indoor Economics homework day for me. 🙂


  4. How beautiful! I would love this hike. We were a little rainy in SoCal this weekend, but we desperately needed it. Maybe this coming weekend I can get outdoors and soak up a little sunshine. I would love to have joined you on your hike! 🙂 Gorgeous photos!


    • I heard that it rained in SoCal…well, at least it is needed! We have had several days of such beautiful weather up here… what fun it would be to all go out and hike together! I hope you can get outside soon!


  5. sufilight says:

    Ooh, I love San Francisco, have visited about three times, and when I was living in New York. Moments like the one you shared makes me feel grateful for the beauty there is our world.


  6. dearrosie says:

    What beautiful scenery – it looks green like Ireland!
    (I was interested to see that San Francisco had sunny weather last weekend.)
    I love your photos and the collage. How did you do it? You’ve placed photos on top of a photo?


    • This time of year, the hills do tend to look a bit like Ireland…they’ll get greener in February and March, too! The sun found Northern Cal…. and you in the south had rain?
      I use a simple program called Print Shop to make all of the “pages” that I create. I did a copy/paste of a photo I took on my iphone and put it as a background…stretched it to full page size. Then I did copy/paste of those other photos onto the pages. There is an option of one color, multicolor, textures or photos for backgrounds…it’s a fun program! I have lots of fun using it!


  7. nrhatch says:

    Lovely post, Kathy. Really enjoyed this hike with you. 😀


  8. Robin says:

    How beautiful! It’s so nice to see sunshine and blue sky. 🙂


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