Creating “pages”…it just seems to happen…

Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way offered a challenge…for other bloggers to write about some aspect of their own writing.  I don’t consider myself a “writer”…maybe more of a person who “creates.”

So, I start pondering and thinking about what seems to happen as I create and add the “pages”  here at Pocket Perspectives. All I can figure out is…

…it just seems to happen…

here you go…

it just seems to happne~
From what I can figure out…

how it just seems to happen

~ just seems to happen


it just seems to happen




Added the next morning:  Ah ha! Sometimes…with time and the quieting of the mind…more happens.  I was lying in bed early this morning, wondering what that “fire” image had to do with what I was trying to express. I really didn’t know “why” I chose that images for a background…it just seem “good.”

So…this morning, as I tried to figure that out….how might that “fire” be involved with the process I was attempting to explain, above, with words????…ah ha! Got it!?!?

Here’s how it happens…what each “part” of the fire represents…maybe…

transforming confusion to clarity


confusion to clarity the components


confusion to warmth and light of clarity


maybe that’s part of how
“it just seems to happen”
And….oh my goodness!!!…Oh no!…I just thought of this!…
Without the wood, there wouldn’t be a fire…
(the wood “is” confusion)
oh my goodness!!!! …isn’t that something?


without the wood there wouldn't be a fire confusion to clarity


well….I’m going to need to ponder this “new” idea…
oh my goodness…
now I seem to be confused and overwhelmed again…
a new piece of wood just added to the fire
???? the cycle continues????


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16 Responses to Creating “pages”…it just seems to happen…

  1. So glad you entered…I’ve seen your comments many times on Nancy’s blog…so I’m happy to connect with you on yours.:)
    I love the creative way you posted…awesome colors and graphics…and I loved your thoughts. Yes, where does that inspiration come from…and, if you don’t write it down…where does it go?


    • Happy you found me here and enjoyed the “pages”…. yes, where does inspiration come from?…sometimes such surprises seem to arrive. For me, they seems to arrive once my mind quiets down a bit…arriving unexpectedly or when I drift into a daydream. And if I don’t write it down quickly…poof!’s gone!


  2. Love this and it so describes the creative process . Well done


  3. sufilight says:

    Very well done! Glad you took Nancy’s challenge and came up with an artistic way to express your thoughts. 😀


  4. sufilight says:

    I don’t like that smiley after my comment as it seems to be laughing, LOL, this one would have been better. —–> 🙂


  5. nrhatch says:

    I know just what you mean ~ especially when the words are FLOWING with ease. (Other times, of course, I have to drag them out kicking and screaming.) :mrgreen:

    Thanks for entering, Kathy!


    • oh my goodness, Nancy…early this morning, I figured out the process in that “fire”…it just kind of “came to me”…it just happened. I created and added images/ideas to the bottom of the post. Wow..the heart/mind sure is something! And oh my goodness..without the wood, there wouldn’t be a fire! (Maybe I’ll add that too…maybe that’s what I was working toward… )


      • nrhatch says:

        Confusion -> Combustion -> Clarity!


        • Do you suppose “acceptance” of that process might be “peace of mind”…. and here I thought lack of confusion was peace of mind! …at least that’s what I’ve hoped for. Time for me to “shift,” I guess. (and here I sit thinking about confusion, when I need to get ready to go to/leave for a wonderful class about esoteric ideas about “time” and “space”… uh oh’s might increase today!
          And when I get back from this totally confusing, but wonderful class, with 2 hours of questions posed to us about “time”…I’ll make a page to remind myself of that formula… confusion—>combustion–> clarity!


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