May we all help each other out…in whatever ways we can….

Bear 56
a mother bear ferrying her cub across a large reservoir in New Mexico


may we all help each other out


I’m often amazed by how kind and supportive both people and animals can be. This mother may feel the “biological imperative” to carry her cub…but we all have that choice each and every day.

It’s such a precious gift to offer kindness…and equally precious to be the recipient…and then to continue to pass along that kindness and support to others, too …and along…and along…and along…in whatever ways we can….


It’s such a blessing that we are all generous, kind and supportive with each other…
truly a gift,
…such blessings…
so much thankfulness


To all of you
who are so kind and supportive of others in your lives….
I offer a sincere and heartfelt……

generosity, appreciation, gratitude,


thank you so much


this post is part of “Nurturing Thursdays”
through Becca Given’s blog…On Dragonfly Winds and Buttercup Tea

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3 Responses to May we all help each other out…in whatever ways we can….

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  2. What a great photo of the bears to illustrate the point. I had a long conversation with a friend this week who disagreed with my premise that we owed other people to be kind, no matter what. She said that perhaps she expected civility, but thought kindness was impossible if others are hard to get along with. I thought our conversation was interesting, but I still think we can be kind, under almost all circumstances. Maybe kindness can spread–even to those who are hard to get along with! 🙂


    • Although I do have a deep commitment to acting with kindness, I can understand your friend’s perspective…I have aspirations for kindness all the time, but some situations/interactions aren’t as conducive as others for that…and I fall short, at times. As you write, kindness can spread…and seeds can always be planted. 😀


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