“Everyday Miracles”….looking at life with appreciation and wonder


awareness appreciation wonder~
Julie’s loving kitty,
looking out the window at snowflakes,
falling gentle and gracefully from the sky.
A reminder for us all….
to pause, notice and appreciate
the many wonders in our everyday lives.
The wonders of nature,
the wonders of affection, kindness and love

affection love appreciation
pause notice appreciate so thankful~

so many “everyday miracles”


so many miracles goodness kindness love~

everyday miracles….
looking at life with a sense of wonder

~awarenes appreciation wonder~
everyday miracles

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4 Responses to “Everyday Miracles”….looking at life with appreciation and wonder

  1. sufilight says:

    The photo of Starbuck is beautiful as is your message. There is a wonder, just a half a block away from our house, we can see Mt. Hood standing tall, snowy an proud when the sky is clear.


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