The incredible potential of the human mind…left brain, right brain…. appreciating and using both “sides”

Wow…look what I just found!
(on Virginia Stevenson’s Pinterest board)

Isn’t that image amazing?!?!…
the colors, lines and energies in both images

is the incredible potential
…of the human brain…
….of the human mind….

For each of us to learn about the mind …
to notice, recognize, understand, develop, choose, flow, balance…
…and to appreciate…

To keep this potentially helpful awareness
about the mind,
“in mind,”
throughout the day

And how important it is
to develop flexibility
to learn to flow
choosing, adapting, re-balancing

isn’t it amazing ?!?!?!

the incredible potential
of our human minds


oh my…
the “left brain” must have felt “left out” of this lively post…
so it seems to have gotten busy and helped out with some ideas
a more logical/sequential approach
for learning  to analyze and access both sides of the brain
(thank you left brain….right brain REALLY needs you!)


ps…I didn’t even notice the details in that right brain image! …I only noticed/saw the colors, the bull and the energy….well, apparently there’s more to it than that…. 🙄 ….  quite a lot more there than just what I “saw”…well, I do like the energy, creativity and liveliness of it… 

The best book I’ve ever read about the function and potential of the sides of the brain is: Stroke of Insight, by Jill Bolte, a neuroscientist who studies the brain. She was able to observe her own stroke and recovery as they were occurring and wrote a book about her experience.
She also has a talk on TED about her experience after having a stroke

And a good overview of that book, Stroke of Insight,  and concise explanations about function on each side of the brain, from an October post from Spirit Lights the Way, by Nancy Hatch:  Mastering Your Thoughts
And perhaps the power of suggestion…???….those below consciousness,  intuitive brain connections…???….after reading Nancy’s post from yesterday…. “Use it or lose it”...about the physical body and the power of  “exercising” and using the brain, too….maybe stimulating this “brain awareness/curiosity” in me, too…without my conscious awareness of it…those subconscious, intuitive connections in the human mind are  sooooooooo amazing!



A little bit later….
I just saw the following  ideas in the comments part of Nancy’s post…
“Use it or lose it”
….these ideas fit in perfectly here….

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11 Responses to The incredible potential of the human mind…left brain, right brain…. appreciating and using both “sides”

  1. nrhatch says:

    This is a wonderful post, Kathy. The human brain fascinates me . . . left and right. We need them both. A balance between the two aids us immensely in our journey through life.

    Thanks for linking back to my posts. Jill Bolte Taylor’s book is a phenomenal glimpse into how both sides work, together and separately.


    • I’m fascinated by the brain too….it is incredible!…a challenge seems to be developing and keeping both sides going….uh oh, I think my own left brain is starting to lag a bit. And I agree…her book is phenomenal….I learned so much from reading it! It was on your blog that I learned about it…what a find!


  2. sufilight says:

    This is wonderful post! You got me excited about the gift of both sides of the brain. 🙂 I too love anything that has to do with the well being and development of the brain. I also read Jill Bolte’s book and what stands out for me is when she could literally feel the energy of those who entered her room at the hospital and could tell what was going on in their minds. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. thanks, Marie…the potential of each side of the brain really is like a remarkable gift! I agree with you…I also really related to how she felt the energy of people who came into the room, even though she didn’t understand the words they were saying… I think that’s so special to keep “in mind”…to become more aware that we’re picking up undercurrents of other people’s energy and to realize we’re putting that energy out there too…we may know that intuitively, but to read about her experience of it adds a clear explanation/validity of that.


  4. becca givens says:

    Awesome post!! 😀


  5. Looking at that image (fantastic image, I should add) I would say that the artist was right-brained! I am very aware of being right-brained, so I try to use skills that require the left-brain. Good one, Kathy.


    • Isn’t that amazing color and energy in that image..?!? I’m trying to get more aware of the strengths and potential of each side…I’m definitely going to need to bring more left brain home from work with me…!!


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