“We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us, something is valuable…” eecummings

A special quote from e.e. cummings…..
the very, very precious role
of friends, family members, mentors, partners, teachers…


Someone helping to reveal those attributes
is so precious, so special, so important…
but to go several steps further…
so very, very important…
to be open to that awareness encouraged by another
…to internalize that awareness…
we do not believe in ourselves
until WE realize….

How wonderful to live with
spontaneous delight….
any of those many remarkable experiences
that reveal and express the beauty
of the human spirit

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18 Responses to “We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us, something is valuable…” eecummings

  1. Eric Winger says:

    Yes! It is important to have connections to people that support us and important to listen to them when they say we are important.


  2. leah77 says:

    What a beautiful message to ponder. It seems like we are able to believe all those things for other people but we stumble when it comes to believing that for ourselves. Perhaps it’s because we know our weaknesses and short comings and are not as generous with self love and forgiveness as we should be. It seems when others point out the good in me it’s as though they have shone a flashlight on my soul, helping me to see those things that are lovely. I need those reminders to help me see myself clearly.
    Beautiful post Kathy!


    • Thank you….and Leah, thank you so much for expanding on these ideas…you added some really insightful and valuable insight…it’s such an important area and I think the more awareness we can bring to it, the more each one of us can keep that light, that may have been held by another at first…. illuminating our own strengths and potentials…and leading to us all being able to see, “be,” live and bring those qualities to fruition, in whatever ways we are able… ps…maybe some of us might tend to just the light on the weaknesses or shortcomings instead of the positives?..I think maybe so….so turn the beam of the flashlight in another direction?…I think so…


  3. cuhome says:

    Thanks for this post! It gives me a new goal for each day: to look for just one special thing in someone else, and in myself, and to acknowledge that to that other person, and to myself! I wouldn’t have thought about that in quite that way without your wonderful post!! ♥♥


  4. Janet, that’s a great idea…to set a goal each day to notice and acknowledge a special thing…and I really like your idea of looking for that in another person…to help them learn to shine that flashlight (from Leah’s comment above) on their own positives…thank you so much for adding your ideas…the more ideas that arrive the more we learn…thank you so much ( and I guess that’s a bit of the motivation of noticing positives through the day and at the end of the day…. https://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/noticing-positives-throughout-each-day/ ) ..I guess maybe so… )


  5. granbee says:

    How very grateful I am to all of you, my dear blogging friends, for helping me to discover and to fully see that which is valuable inside of me!


    • granbee…that is so true and such a good point….I really hadn’t thought about that part of others helping to reveal that to us… so many of us have gotten such wonderful support from other bloggers in helping us to realize that our ideas and the way we express them are valued. When I first started putting “pages” on here, I didn’t have a clue that others might have similar ways of looking at things…or that anyone else might value them…I do see people “blossoming” in their blog posts…and I think the encouragement of other bloggers is helping that to happen….In fact, I just looked back and read those poems again…and that is EXACTLY what has happened with me through other bloggers’ encouragement!..wow..I didn’t even see that! : )


  6. sufilight says:

    Kathy, your last comment by granbee is what I have been feeling for the past two nights: gratitude for the wonderful blogging friends I have made as I grow from the connection with all of you. This post makes me realize even more that if we all honored and rejoiced in the wonder of our human spirit we would have a much happier, healthier world. A true shift in conciousness.


    • Marie, after I read your comment, I realized how much insight there is in your comment…and how that has happened with me too…I had a long, and potentially complicated and challenging day yesterday, and through the whole day, I was confident, steady, caring and completely unstressed by it….6 months ago, I might/would have been stressed and overwhelmed by it…but it seems that I’ve changed…(!!!)…without even realizing it!….and, like you, I think the support of other bloggers has been…well,this sound big…but I think, for me, it’s been somewhat “transformational.” And as I wrote in granbee’s comment…looking at the two versions of the poem…that is EXACTLY the process I’ve been in with blogging…and probably others are in that process too….wow! And it sounds like it ‘s been similar for you…I’m so happy to be part of that process! : ) (ps…in my email in box….between your clicking like and you posting your comment, I got a happy email from a friend, affirming that same message)


  7. Great message to share. I could’ve used this when I was in my 20s. It took me many years to believe in myself.


    • I’m guessing that some of us might have been getting this message from others, but haven’t been able to take it in or “believe” it until we were a bit further along in life….I haven’t taken it in until quite recently…maybe the past 6 months…talk about late blooming! (oh, do you know that book “Leo, the Late Bloomer” ……I love that book and, as I think about it, it’s kind of this idea! )


  8. nrhatch says:

    Here’s to believing in ourselves . . . and each other. 😀


  9. love e.e. cummings. this is a great reminder of how important it is, not only to receive encouragement when it is offered, but to be that person who encourages and expresses appreciation for others.


    • Oh Joss….that is sooooo important for us to realize…I’m becoming more aware each day that one just never knows what little bits of encouragement, appreciation, kindness, support… whatever…can really make a such difference to another person…but we may never know that it’s happening….just to trust that it happens, and to keep offering…. : )


  10. Robin says:

    So true, and such a wonderful quote. Thank you. 🙂


    • Hi Robin, you’re very welcome….I love that quote…it really helps me realize the tremendous power of support being offered among people… and to keep that support circulating freely … : )


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