Uh oh….a wandering mind…. “DGT”….Don’t Go There…. encouraging positive thinking, limiting less postive

Do you ever do some “mind wandering…….”
sometimes called “thinking”….
and get caught up in thinking about something unproductive…?
that perhaps leads to unpleasant feelings…?
that maybe isn’t helpful….?
and that feels like it’s  not going in a positive direction…?

Ah ha…that describes my own mind, some days as I commute to work…
And so….here’s what I’ve come up with…
my advice to myself…

“DGT ”
on’t Go There….

a bit of a tongue in cheek look…
at a very important topic…






And so…
what do I tell myself….
with a bit of a twinkle in my eye…
but with a positive intention in my heart and  mind….


Okay….any other additions to the DGT variations?

DGT CTP  change to positive
DGT TIR  this is ridiculous
DGT WAITAT  why am I thinking about this
DGT PATD  pay attention to driving


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25 Responses to Uh oh….a wandering mind…. “DGT”….Don’t Go There…. encouraging positive thinking, limiting less postive

  1. Candy S says:

    Really Cool! JUST Donoth! (Like Nike…) 🙂


  2. cuhome says:

    Oh, yes! Good post!


  3. Roberta says:

    I call it stinkin thinkin…great post and reminder!


  4. nrhatch says:

    Excellent, Kathy! “Don’t believe everything you think!”


  5. granbee says:

    DGT: would you be happy for others to read these ugly thoughts?
    DGT: what if these negative thoughts were the last concious thought you had on earth?
    DGT: do you know how much acid you are stimulating inside you with these thoughts?


  6. Oh…those are powerful reminders… I’m usually a kind person, but occasionally I get surprised by some random thoughts that go through my mind….thankfully, not often. Aside from the unpleasantness of thoughts…and not breaking habits of allowing those thoughts to develop, thoughts do lead to feelings and actions, so there can be so many ramifications….a powerful motivator too. ps…here’s a link to an older page/booklet from when I was first starting to become more aware of that thoughts-feelings connection… https://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/pull-weeds/thoughts-lead-to-feelings/


  7. Robin says:

    I love this. Too often my mind DOES try to go there, to those unpleasant places (worries about things that haven’t happened, that might never happen). This is a great reminder. DGT. Love it. 🙂


  8. I now also have a paper copy of that gnome with the sign taped to the dashboard in my car…. slowly, slowly trying to change some “habits” here… my mind seems to be very persistent…now if it would get that way about walking and healthy foods! (now if I had a beautiful property like yours, I might be out there more often…my only walking seems to be with your walks each day…virtual walks that I really enjoy! )


  9. Hi love! I found you from your pictures here and I used one of them (giving credit to this post) on my blog. Please feel free to let me know if that’s okay or not! Great stuff. With you all the way. You can find the post at trustrest.wordpress.com. ❤


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