May we nurture that gentle fawn….


The photo in the page above is  from the 11/17 post by Art at zendictive.  Art wrote a very special poem and post about a fawn found along the roadside:  “The Fawn”


I think that we all have a “tender fawn” within each one of us….
and that we all benefit from being nurtured along.

Sometimes, we might be more like the puppy doing the nurturing….
other times, we might be more like the fawn receiving it….
may we flow easily between each role….
may we all freely and generously give and receive nurturing
as part of our everyday lives…


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7 Responses to May we nurture that gentle fawn….

  1. nrhatch says:

    Sweet! Thanks, Kathy.


    • Isn’t that a remarkable photo?…no words are needed. (however puppies are playful and that little fawn might actually get tumbled over with that clumsy paw : ) ) Okay….Nancy….a question for you and others…I was asking my husband if he thinks there’s a “tender fawn” operating during the everyday life of each one of us and how near to the surface that fawn might be…he’s a business law attorney, very kind and loving, but others in that world… not so much…. so has a very different perspective from an elementary school teacher. I think I might be a bit naive when it comes to people. Any opinions….from you or others?


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  3. zendictive says:

    Bows (~_~) humble

    have you seen my blog today… Perspectives (grin)


  4. eof737 says:

    Yes we all have that tender fawn and it is a blessing to invite it out to play form time to time… TY! 🙂


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