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If we took “fear” out of our lives, how might our lives look?

I  read a similar question a few weeks ago in Jodi Chapman’s Blog, Soul Speak…. I was quite stunned by the question and even more intrigued by my reaction of how wonderful such a thing  might be….a gigantic  WOW! to … Continue reading

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“Please, feed the wolf of love…”

I subscribe to the weekly newsletter,Just One Thing, by Rick Hansen.  Rick has wonderful, helpful and practical ideas in his weekly letters. This week, he writes about the Native American story about the two wolves..the wolf of love and the … Continue reading

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The infinite possibilities of a life fully lived…..

One choice might be… Another choice…. Consider… May we all try, as much as we can, to choose…. 8 Of course, it’s not really “either _____ or_______” but there is an element of awareness and choice And so to go … Continue reading

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A basket full of good wishes for all….

I made this “page” yesterday, as a wish for a friend who isn’t feeling well….but the wishes…sometimes called “loving-kindness” wishes…are so special, that I thought that I’d post them today as a wish for everyone…. May we all feel  as … Continue reading

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It’s in every one of us to be wise…find your heart, open up both your eyes…

It’s In Every One of Us to Be Wise… by David Pomerantz It’s in every one of us to be wise find your heart open up both your eyes We can all know everything without ever knowing why….. It’s in … Continue reading

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“Wide open spaces…to find a dream and a life of their own….”

A very special young woman just moved to her very own, cozy little apartment yesterday…just Starbuck, the kitty,  and her…. seeking their own “wide open spaces”… room to make their own mistakes…. new faces….finding higher stakes… a new stage in … Continue reading

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I’m in the mood to be ______, ….hey, how about you?

There’s a children’s song by Raffi….”I’m in the mood for singing” that has a catchy tune and makes a good point… and maybe for each one of us to be willing to access that joyful child that is waiting inside … Continue reading

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