“Please, feed the wolf of love…”

I subscribe to the weekly newsletter,Just One Thing, by Rick Hansen.  Rick has wonderful, helpful and practical ideas in his weekly letters. This week, he writes about the Native American story about the two wolves..the wolf of love and the wolf of hateand how each one of us needs to carefully choose which wolf to feed….Rick asked, in the email, that since this is such an important topic, for it to be shared…he wrote: “Sticking my neck out here, I believe this practice is really important in the world today, so I ask you, if you’re willing, to share it with others.” 
and so…a copy and paste….here it is…

May we all choose to feed the wolf of love…

As Rick writes

“So let’s stay strong

and hold onto the good

that exists all around us and in us.

Let’s stay strong

and hold onto the good that can be, 

that we can nourish and build in this world.

Let’s stay strong

and hold onto each other.

Let’s stay strong enough

to take in the good

that feeds the wolf of love each day.”


Another blogger’s post, on Zendictive, with this “Two Wolves” legend”
The legend of the Two Wolves on Spirit Lights the Way

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8 Responses to “Please, feed the wolf of love…”

  1. ElizOF says:

    I’m with you on that one… Spreading love and joy is healthier and we all need some of it. 🙂


  2. zendictive says:

    one of my favorite stories (~_~) sometimes when I get frustrated I recall this story and try and feed the wolf of ‘love’ and ignore the wolf of hatred (sometimes it works)


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