I’m in the mood to be ______, ….hey, how about you?

There’s a children’s song by Raffi….”I’m in the mood for singing” that has a catchy tune and makes a good point…
and maybe for each one of us to be willing
to access that joyful child that is waiting inside each one of us…

If one is in the mood to make something happen,
for example, being happier…
it’s a matter of doing that or working toward it…
setting an intention,
figuring out steps to work toward that,
taking those positive steps,
having persistence in practicing those steps,
rebalancing in the intention when one goes off track,
practice, practice, practice
and holding firmly to that positive intention

And so below is my variation on that song… “I’m in the mood to be happy…” (and a youtube link to the song, in case people don’t know it )…it may seem a bit silly, but I think it’s potentially helpful and important…we can all be happier, there are many effective strategies we can learn for increasing happiness and many strategies for learning to let go of negative patterns…but it starts with the deeply held intention of wanting more happiness …more happiness is good for each one of us and that happiness will have a positive benefit on every single person in our lives…it spreads…it’s contagious…

youtube link to some little children singing “I’m in the mood for singing”

As I thought about it…we all have some ability to set an intention to choose our moods, depending on what we’re focusing on….thoughts lead to feelings…and so….to fill in the blank… contented?…happy?…. curious?….productive?….helpful?….friendly?….kind?…..

After I had made those 2 pages, I started to wonder about the idea of how we all sometimes worry about what’s past, perhaps focusing on negatives in the present, or projecting fears or negative ideas into the future…and pretty soon a mood descends…so tried changing the colors of those positive pages…

When I finished, I was stunned by the power of color…the actual  words are the same….I was stunned by the “gloom” in the following page and almost deleted it….but I didn’t because I think they have an impact and powerful message  that could be helpful….so who in their right mind would fill in ….I’m in the mood to be….negative?… mean?… stubborn?… sad?…. resentful?…. grumpy?……
And so….to be aware of the power of choice…maybe in this moment we don’t have the skills or ability to choose, but we can work toward that…because….to have the following gloominess, instead of happiness, would be unfortunate….

I made these pages last weekend…and was centered in a positive and happy state of mind. As the week work went on,  I got tired and a bit drained at work…..I lost that sense of happiness…and went towards a duller, more negative perspective…BUT, I saw what was happening…I watched it….I couldn’t access that happiness, but I could see the process…and that’s a hugely important start to be able to observe oneself….I wonder if others might be able to observe those shifts?

And so…

may we all be in the mood
to create more happiness in our own lives and the lives of others…
may we be able to set strong positive intentions,
to know that it’s possible to expand on positives…
and to decrease the negatives
and to know that our own increased happiness
will benefit many others…
and to develop the the courage, persistence and intention

to travel along that path…
May we all be “in the mood to be happy….”

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high…Birds fly over the rainbow and someday so might I….may we all be happy….



As I think about it, I’ve created this Pocket Perspectives blog  to share the visual images/pages I’ve made through the years….about strategies to increase the positives and decrease the negatives…with the intention of all of us learning to access more happiness.  Every single post on this  entire site is devoted to that intention…. I hope it helps…

8A very insightful related post…..“A simple choice” by Nancy, at Spirit Lights the Way  Thank you Nancy for posting that…it gave me the energy to put this post together…creating the images is easy for me, adding the explanations is hard…so thanks for that energy!

“Plant flowers, pull weeds” another post/image using an idea from Rick Hansen.

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14 Responses to I’m in the mood to be ______, ….hey, how about you?

  1. sufilight says:

    What a difference attitude and color can make! I enjoy your energy pick ups before I continue with my day.


  2. I don’t know if others have “visceral” type reactions to the colors in those pages, but I sure do…and my reaction is simply to color in that page… it’s a huge motivator for me NOT to linger with negative thoughts or ideas! The blue one, for me, is so happy and optimistic! Hope that good energy continues through your day!


  3. nrhatch says:

    Changing the colors we surround ourselves with definitely has an impact on mood. Just looking at the dark brown made me feel “gloomy.” Whereas the blue is uplifting and positive.

    Thanks, Kathy! I’m glad you told me about Michael Singer’s book and CD’s. 😀


    • I figure if looking at color has that type of impact, just think of looking/listening/perceiving other people’s facial expression, body language, voice tone etc…there are lots of influences that have subtle, or sometimes not so subtle, impact.
      And Michael Singer’s book and cd…?…tons in those about this topic of choices and happiness.


  4. Team Oyeniyi says:

    I like the whole concept. I do think some ethnicities are better at this than others, actually, the “I’m in the mood to be happy” perspective on life. 🙂


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  6. I love this blog!!! IT is so enlightening and uplifting. Thank you so much for the experience. I happen to agree with you 150%….if we make a concerted effort to decide to be happy…joyous and loving….we brighten all lives that we touch. Your writing is a blessing…I am so thankful that I got to share in it.

    Peace and abundant blessings to you,


  7. Eriko Tsogo says:

    What a great and contagious idea! Your blog is such a trove of happiness and positive energy. I also think your visuals are wonderful, anyone that takes time out of their day to dedicate themselves to enlightening others is an inspirational being in my book! for this, I thank you Kathy from the bottom of my heart!


  8. enermazing says:

    One of the best moments in my life was when I discovered that I can change my mood by switching on or off. It’s not always easy, nor does it always go all the way, but it’s in all cases helpful and an improvement.


    • I’m learning to do that,too…slowly, slowly…but progressing. And I agree…it’s not always easy and doesn’t go all the way, but is really helpful…. quite a relief, would you say?


      • enermazing says:

        Sometimes it’s slow, sometimes overwhelmingly fast – I try to just go with it as best as i can. What matters is progress, and to understand the basics. There’s no point in speeding along with a bag full of unresolved issues 😉


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