“Appreciate…be grateful”

Expanding on some ideas that were in the “Notice…Appreciate”  postto help remind me to follow some specific steps that might lead to a more ongoing sense of appreciation and  gratefulness…and so for me to take a moment, several times a day…and to…

Have you ever thought you understood
what seemed like a simple idea,
but then as you thought more about it,
realized there’s more to that “simple idea”
than you might have suspected?

Well, this idea of  “Appreciate…be grateful” seems to be like that for me…and so, this post is an ongoing draft as I try to gain a deeper understanding of how to nurture that ability… I originally posted this in July, but continue to think and ponder about the ideas of appreciation and gratitude….and to anyone reading this….do you have any other ideas or suggestions that you could add?

And so…

to pause: take a breathe, come back to this moment right now

to really notice “it”: … look…listen…feel…taste…think…sense…to stay with each one for a few seconds (maybe all senses, maybe only one or two…depends on the time)

to appreciate it: for how special it may be in it’s very own way

to be grateful:  for having that particular “thing” or “sense” in my life.

And sometimes… if I have time and am in the mood to reflect, perhaps even include the bigger picture, in the scheme of things, for why I’m grateful to have that. And maybe even to expand beyond that to a sense of  gratefulness for the many people or aspects of nature that have lead to me having access to it. (for example…a single bite of toast…there are probably 1000’s of people, all over the world who had a part in that one bite:  growing of ingredients, processing and transporting the ingredients, baking, packing, transporting and selling…and expand to include nature, the earth, dirt, sun, rain… and to recognize and feel connected and  grateful for their efforts)

And so: for me in this moment….

  • look/see things that are special…right this moment in front of me:   the sun shining through the window,  a pretty bougainvillea flower, the leaves on the trees,  the “be grateful” card taped to the monitor (and as I pause after each one… to appreciate….and then be grateful for having that and for the connections to others who participate in it’s “creation”)
  • listen/hear:  the pretty fountain outside, the commuter train going past taking people where they need to go, the washing machine doing the work for me instead of having to wash clothes by hand, the watering system keeping the lawn pretty and green (then appreciatebe grateful )
  • touch: a comfortable supportive chair, a keyboard that fits with my fingers, a warm flannel shirt, soft slippers, body parts that mostly work and feel okay
  • taste/smell: rich strong coffee (then appreciatebe grateful )
  • relationships: my loving dog, my husband , my kind, loving, creative, blossoming daughter, my dear friend in Australia,   thinking about people I love and nurture, and who nurture me back  (then appreciate, and then be grateful)
  • a warm heart: access that sense of warmth in me…. thankful that I have people and relationships that I nurture and who nurture me, thankful that so much has gotten so much better for some of the  people in my life than it was a few years ago.  (then appreciatebe grateful )
  • presence: whatever that might be for each one of us…calm, a greater purpose, hope…whatever positive, or potential positive, that might be present in this moment, no matter how small it might be. (then appreciatebe grateful )

And so today, and in the following days,

to practice taking moments…

to pause, notice, appreciate and be grateful,

in whatever way each one of us is able to do that…

link to pdf copy of  “Appreciate…Be grateful” bookmarks: (click link, may be slow to open)

Here’s a slight revision…a pretty page, that I just made. How fortunate we all are, to have been open to receiving kindness from others, including people we may  have thought were strangers.. : )  I love this idea…thank you so much to Dana, the person who wrote this….

Some lines from the end of a poem by Pat Cegan, Source of Inspiration:

Are there any ideas from others? Are there ways that you nurture these qualities during your own day? I’d love to hear other people’s suggestions, strategies, ideas etc….

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13 Responses to “Appreciate…be grateful”

  1. Pat Cegan says:

    Lovely post and your graphics are beautiful. Hugs, pat


  2. Pat…thank you too…that little “be grateful” card is still taped to the side of my monitor screen and on the window in front of the kitchen sink…it’s so good to read those words and shift into that simple sense of appreciation of abundance…thank you so much… : )


  3. enermazing says:

    “Have you ever…realized there’s more to that “simple idea” than you might have suspected?” – Every single time I think I’ve found one, or finally got something down to its essence 😀

    Your method is spot-on: stepping aside, becoming aware, appreciation and gratefulness – and for every step there are many ways to do go. It may sound counter-intuitive, but actually during the day I’m most reminded to be grateful through my “don’t likes” 😉

    Great graphics! I just love prisms and their light 🙂


  4. nrhatch says:

    The more mindful we are of this moment . . . the more we have to appreciate. Thanks, Kathy!


  5. ElizOF says:

    Listening is an important tool… it opens our eyes and hearts to things we don’t pay attention to or see. 🙂


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  7. Coach Sue says:

    My husband and I have started a practice of telling each other what we are grateful for in each other that day before going to sleep. It’s quite nice. Go to sleep with a positive attitude.
    Here’s a blog I wrote that fits into the theme of your blog. http://couragetoadventurecoaching.wordpress.com/2009/07/20/kindness-challenge/



  8. tuesday2 says:

    In an effort to become more conscious, (and spend less time on the laptop), I’ve changed my morning routine. I now get up just as early, but instead of plugging in and logging on, I brew some good strong coffee, (ahhh…grateful,) head for the front porch, and turn to get lost in a favorite book.

    My most recent favorite read? Have a Little Faith / by Mitch Album, so inspiring and inspirational.


    • What a calm and soothing way to start your day… ahhhh….coffee on the front porch and a good book…sounds wonderful! And I”ll check into that book…I love inspiring books, and summertime is a great time to enjoy them.


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