“Dancing Brightly”…to continue to lighten up and enrich our lives

The “Dancing Brightly” image….

seems to be dancing along  a wider path
exploring new tunes,
moving along  with more courage and strength
adding whirling transitions,

experimenting with  new steps,
expanding into new “venues”
“dancing brightly,” indeed….

And so….a youtube presentation of the ongoing, expanding steps of dancing brightly…
(if you can’t hear the music, try expanding to full screen)

….dancing brightly along….

may we all seek a path that includes an expanding light filled dance….



Explaining that “dancing brightly” idea:  A few weeks ago, I had written to a friend who doesn’t have enough  internet access to open and view image filled pages, so I couldn’t show him that “dancing brightly” image…. I tried to describe motivation for the previous  “Dancing Brightly”  post and image…not an easy idea for me to describe…I wrote and emailed my  ideas to him… and then he sent my words  back to me, with quotes around them…it was such a surprise to see what I had written.

“This is a wish that I’m able to lighten up and enjoy people and my life…
to not get bogged down in things…
to laugh and be happy,
to enjoy myself and others….
to be comfortable in how I do things,
and not judging myself
or trying to be like others who might be doing things differently from me…..
so this is a wish that I have….. : )”

So this truly is a fervent wish that I have…. 
to all of you…
and for all of  us…
may we dance brightly….
in whatever ways we are able
as often as we can
and with as much strength and courage as we can access
: )


Note: that  wonderful image in the background of the “dancing lightly” page is not my image. I saw it on Pat Cegan’s blog, Source for Inspiration,  and she says she found it on the internet.  Also…thank you to Maria at Enermazing for her encouragement to add music to the  youtube presentations…I finally am figuring out how to do that…thank you, Maria… : )

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16 Responses to “Dancing Brightly”…to continue to lighten up and enrich our lives

  1. enermazing says:

    Wow, thank you, Kathy! 🙂 🙂 The music is perfect for your video – blinking and sparkling and dancing lighly *big smile*


  2. sufilight says:

    Uplifting message and with music even better! 🙂


  3. nrhatch says:

    Beautiful post, video, and music! Thanks, Kathy.


  4. Laura Weldon says:

    Ah, thank you. Some days it’s easy to dance brightly. Some days I attach myself to the idea of brightness, hoping to feel it burst forth. This helps!


  5. ElizOF says:

    What cheerful music; reminds me of Christmas Holiday music! 🙂


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