“20 Steps Down the Hall”

This poem was written by my 94 1/2  year old aunt.  She’s been writing poetry for many years, often about nature.  Her blog is at  “94 and Still Writing”  (I’m just starting to add some of her many poems to that blog)

She is a very competent, independent woman who, until just a few years ago,  was very active with hiking, cross country skiing, canoeing, gardening, keeping a wood fire going in her kitchen stove and clearing her pond of lily pads etc.   I think you’ll be able to sense  her wonderful strength and independence and the challenges  of accepting these recent limitations.

Any feedback? I’d be happy to pass any comments along to her….

I think she’d love to know that others read her poem …

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2 Responses to “20 Steps Down the Hall”

  1. tari brand says:

    love this poem by your aunt. funny how we force older human beings to regress, whether they want to or not. thanks and i like your blog! tari http://celebrationofnow.com/


    • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, it’s been a real “eye opener” to see how difficult it’s been for both my aunt, and my mother (92), to negotiate the changes with progressing lack of mobility. We try to keep them “safe” and avoiding injury, but there are complications to that. You have a terrific blog too…


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