Hornby Eagles : Phoenix, a precious little bird

Hornby Eagles Live Nest Cam        Main site: Hornby Eagles

 A happy note: This year’s 2  baby eagles, David and Alexandra, are active, healthy and strong and are getting ready to fly, any day now. (30 seconds into that video clip)

Update: 7/14/11  A tribute to Phoenix. “Phoenix”, the baby eagle in the photos above,  died a year ago today. It was such a sad day for the 1000’s of us who had watched her hatch and grow.

Watching Phoenix grow, week after week, was remarkable…and watching how much work it was for the mother and father eagle…wow…not easy being an animal.

The mother and father were so gentle and attentive and protective with that chick. They are as gentle, watchful and careful as any human parents I’ve ever seen.

The mother and father have been together for about 25 years and have had chicks each year….

There were 1000’s of people watching Phoenix grow  last year…and I’m guessing that every single one of us were kinder, more loving  and understanding people after watching that little family  for those few months.

I’m also guessing that each one of us who watched has a developed a deep empathy for animals, compassion for how challenging their lives can be, and more aware of the incredible importance of protecting animals and their habitats.

That little eagle chick, Phoenix,  had a huge, probably even “profound”,  impact on the hearts and lives of 1000’s of people.

Thank you little Phoenix.

Left: a photos of  that nest in the tree and camera. A  youtube video of Phoenix.  A different youtube video of Horny Islands and eagles flying in the area: with Hallelujah playing.

The original  Hornby Eagle post in April, 2011: A baby eagle has hatched

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