“My religion is kindness…” Dalai Lama

This past week,  I let myself get very busy and preoccupied with handling meetings, writing reports and testing kids.  Well, I got so preoccupied with all of those other “tasks”  that I didn’t even remember how important and precious  it is to take at least a  few seconds…

to offer an understanding smile…

or some kind and encouraging words….

or to take a few minutes to just listen

and make a big difference to the wonderful kids that I teach…

 Josh Ritter singing  Lantern Song  (a very pretty song….he starts singing 30 seconds into the youtube video)

I’m seldom unkind in my actual words or actions, but more “unkind” by missing that opportunity when a child  is looking at me with trust on his or her face and an open heart…waiting for me to notice and take a few minutes with them. I saw that anticipating look on several very trusting children’s  faces this week, and I missed that opportunity to offer them some kindness and encouragement…

I’ll try to keep this in mind…and to do better next week…and the next week…

And of course, adults….in some ways we’re like kids in grown up bodies…so, for me to be more consciously aware of these ideas with them too. I know how it feels… to feel like I’m being ignored or “dismissed”…even though I realize on a more rational level, that others are often just busy with their own concerns, preoccupied with their own challenges or protecting their own interests….it doesn’t feel good to feel ignored or “dismissed”…so to try, as much as I can, not to do that to others…

Images from an earlier posts  that tie in with this idea…maybe a few helpful reminders for myself: Notice…appreciate,   A basket full of kindness,   I am only one, but still I am one ,    “A more caring human family…“,    Plant flowers, pull weeds,   “At least don’t hurt them…” , The “6 Perfections”  “Stop everybody….”,    “Wise and ethical speech”,     Loving kindness…,    May we hold each other with tenderness and care

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4 Responses to “My religion is kindness…” Dalai Lama

  1. Judith says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the important things in life. We all get so busy that we often miss opportunities to be there for somebody else.


    • You’re very welcome. I keep those images up on walls to remind me to keep my priorities straight. btw…I think I go to your blog and that you might be from New Zealand? Jampa is there near Christchurch, visiting his family for a month now….nice people around that area!


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