Multiple new pages…

There are several new posts/pages in the “Pull Weeds” and  “Thinking Strategies”  tabs,  up above in the headline area.  The pages under those tabs do not display in the “Recent Posts” column to the right. I have found some of the pages in those top tabs to be very helpful, as I adjusted to a variety of challenges…

Under the “Pull Weeds” tab…there are several pages that I created a few years ago, when I was trying to understand (fix) some difficult situations. Some of the newly added pages include “Why?”“Stay out of the attic”“Pick up sticks…don’t touch”  and “Something Rotten”

Under the “Thinking Strategies” tab, there are a variety of step by step strategies that I  “compiled”  to help myself shift into more positive or helpful ways of thinking. New pages in there include: “Clear thinking”,   “Helpful Thinking …A Flow Chart”,   and “Choosing a good path…a gameboard” a page that uses many images/symbols from this site.

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