Piles of Smiles


I highly recommend printing this page and hanging it in an easily visible spot.
It’s a real “cheerer-upper.”

View a larger, printable pdf image: Piles of Smiles

Here is another cheerful page….
created after making the Piles of Smiles image:
“Smile ’til Your Cheeks Hurt” 


Teaching school and being around little kids can feel like being in a  “Pile of Smiles”…and hence this page.

My daughter, Julie, works in a preschool/daycare with children from 2 months old to 5 years old. The descriptions of her days reminds me of the “Piles of Smiles” that one gets when working with little ones…


And so…
a reminder to myself…
to look for the positive,
to notice and appreciate what’s good in life..
maybe not always with an actual  smile on my face,
but at least with a smile in my heart.


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