Winter approaching…. “bear wisdom”…









Link to post on CrowingCroneJoss: “I saw a bear”…contains additional, interesting bear wisdom information    


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12 Responses to Winter approaching…. “bear wisdom”…

  1. Perhaps we could rename winter “bear time”. I think that might help me to look forward to it. I saw a bear on my way home on Thursday and blogged about bear wisdom. Don’t know how to post link using IPad.

  2. Love it…”bear time”….time for introspection and wisdom…. : )
    Joss, your post about seeing the bear as you were driving home reminded me of the “bear wisdom”…I took my old page and created these new pages… maybe I should add “creating” to that list of “bear wisdom” qualities…the female is “growing/creating” babies inside of herself and the den…
    Here’s the link to your wonderful bear wisdom post

  3. How interesting! I have a great deal of interest in bears, but this is a really great way to consider what they have to teach! :-)

  4. sufilight says:

    Nature is a teacher and thanks to the bear wisdom, you have given me new perspective on winter. :D

    • Nature…and bears…are wonderful teachers…if we look at winter as a time for developing wisdom, understanding etc…well then those rainy days (here in CA) and long nights can be useful…cave time. :D

      • ps… I almost added a p.s. page, way at the bottom… with the bear suggesting I go put on my sweatpants because my legs were cold… :D …my daughter was encouraging me to add it, a frisky influence there…but I didn’t want to throw off the bear wisdom…but I do have another image page with the bear suggesting that! :D

      • sufilight says:

        Kathy, I was starting to struggle today with the dark, rainy day. Here in Oregon it rains almost every day during the winter. I need to shift my perspective because I don’t have the power to make the sun shine. :)

        • Oh, I understand. I wish I could figure out how to independently access the “inner” energy that I get from sunshine…there must be a way, in fact, I’m sure there’s a way, but I don’t know how! I try to appreciate how much I love the green of nature, and without the rain it couldn’t happen…but still…. Wishing you well…. rfaf is just right today. :D

  5. nrhatch says:

    I used to be grumpy as a bear in winter . . . hibernating in my den as much as possible to avoid the cold dark gray days between autumn and spring.

    And then I moved to Florida! :cool:

    • Great move to Florida! I moved from NH to California, many years ago…and just LOVE the mini-seasons…just enough to provide variety, but inspiring winter daylight, blue skies, enough rain for nature to renew and GREEN hills and flowers in the winter. Isn’t “winter” sunshine amazing!?! Sunbears!

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