Might anyone like a free window “suncatcher”…. to light up an intention?

Last year at this time, I figured out how to make the paper “pages” into translucent suncatcher/window hangers. I made them and put them in lots of window and shower doors in our home…and I love them…I love gazing out the window and having my eye linger on the image or the words….

I was so amazed that I could create them, that I got a bit enthusiastic and made lots and lots of them….thinking I could give them away to others who might like them. Well….I got a bit “shy” about offering them to others and still have many of  them in envelopes….not getting any sunlight at all…a very unfortunate thing.

And so…I thought that there might be others  who might enjoy having some of the suncatchers… I have lots and lots…and so to give them away….

Almost all of the images below have posts explaining them….one can just type the words into the search box at the top of the right column to read that post.

Please take a look,  and if there might be any that resonate with you,
I’d love to share them and give them away….
I really would be honored if anyone might want one or some…
and would love to think of them sitting in sunny windows
of other places in the country or world…

And a few more….

And still more….

And so….
so many pretty suncatchers….
waiting patiently in envelopes….
waiting to go to someone’s window to be gazed at and reflected upon….

Just a note... it’s really important to me that everything that I create is happily and freely shared with and offered to others…  someone asked if I might be willing to sell the suncatchers….well, I can’t sell them for money…but if someone didn’t feel comfortable accepting  them for free….I would love to receive a few of people’s favorite quotes, a dried flower, a piece of moss, people offering kindness to others, a smile to a stranger or a kind word, or perhaps an offering, to a homeless/needy person….anything that has generosity in it…

So…well, I don’t know how to “do” the logistics of giving away…isn’t that kind of “funny”…I don’t know how to go about giving something away…..one way might be for me to put my own email in the comments box below… and others are free to email me if they’d like some….and tell me which ones and the preferred size.  Another way might be for people to leave a suggestion in the comments section below.

If you would  like one….some….or many….please just let me know…tell me which one(s) and what size...there are 3 sizes….some that are about 5 inches wide and others that are about 8 and  1o inches wide. I hang some of them  just with scotch tape and others with metal window curtain hangers and suction cups…they’re nice on both windows and glass shower doors…for setting intention in the morning….

And so….
suncatchers looking for  new windows…
welcoming homes…
some new eyes and hearts
to take in what they have to say….

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31 Responses to Might anyone like a free window “suncatcher”…. to light up an intention?

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  2. Roberta says:

    I’ll take you up on your offer.. I would love to have one..


  3. granbee says:

    I would like one each of the Stillness catcher and the Notice catcher, about the size to fit a “standard” window pane, such as you picture here.


    • Ohhh….those 2 are soooo pretty. (“stillness” is very ethereal in certain lights…subtle and gentle, with some interesting variations throughout the day…I took that photo at a beautiful little pond in New Hampshire…at the top of a ridge….beautiful little hike up to it…beautiful, beautiful spot…that’s the photo on the header of Reflections from a Friend, too. And I took “notice” from our family room sliding door…the sun just peeking out from behind a beautiful cloud )


  4. sufilight says:

    Kathy, how generous of you! I would love to have “Pause, Notice and Appreciate” and another one to create a pair. 🙂


  5. Ohhhh….I’m so happy someone wants some…it’s so interesting to see what images others like….please feel free to choose several, if you like them…they are flat and easy to mail.
    Kathy’s email is kboyle777@comcast.net
    If I don’t answer emails…it will be because I’ll be gone this evening and most of tomorrow….and possibly Sunday too….some wonderful sounding classes/teachings on….meditating on compassion, understanding compassion…and….Sunday on various aspects of wisdom….lucky me…perhaps someday I’ll fly away on the 2 wings… : )


  6. nrhatch says:

    Great idea ~ I want one of the “Notice” ones with the clouds. Also . . . may I spread the word about your generous gesture on SLTW?

    Sidey’s weekend theme is Sunlight. Sending readers here to this post would be a perfect fit.


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  8. jannatwrites says:

    I got here from Nancy’s blog. I love the suncatcher idea and think they are just beautiful. It’s so nice of you to offer them to others! I’d love to have one, but I have 2 curious cats who would think they were toys for them 😦


  9. I have a kitchen window that catches the western sun as does our bedroom window. I love “I am only one…”, “Stop…I am happy now”, “Today I am truly grateful”. How interesting that different ones speak to different readers. I found in teaching “If you offer it, they will come” so teaching was all consuming as I sought a wide variety of offerings: assignments, field trips, after school activities. It was always interesting that everything was chosen but by different students. I will e-mail you and of course, offer solutions to cover postage, mailer, etc. Thank you. What a lovely RAK.


    • Isn’t that special that we all have our own ways of learning, doing, giving, receiving…such a variety of styles…what lucky students to have a teacher who understood that and offer the choice.
      And Georgette, I’m so happy to share these with others… : )


  10. Robin says:

    I would love to have one. I particularly like the “Plant Flowers, Pull Weeds.” It sums up life so well. 🙂


  11. For those of you who would like suncatcher(s)…. Kathy’s email is kboyle777@comcast.net Just email which you would like, the size you’d like and your mailing address…I’ll send them off in a few days…. : )


  12. becca givens says:

    What a lovely post and gesture. I would be delighted to be a recipient of one of them.

    I will email you ~~ becca


    • becca givens says:

      Kathy — you are such a positive inspirational messenger. Because of this, I award you The Candlelighter Award. You can find more information about the award, started by Kate Kresse at Believe Anyway. All you have to do is receive the award, copy and paste The Candlelighter Award photo from my site to yours. Once you have done that, you can then pass the award along to others.

      Thank you for being a light in the world!


    • Hi Becca, Oh, I’m so happy to share…and you asked in the email how to make them…it’s easy…make the image with whatever program you use, intensify the color because it will print less intense than it looks, print on a transparency, and then laminate it. I use 3mm or 5 mm laminator pouches. (I got a very inexpensive laminator at Costco…Purple Cow I think…) and then cut out as an oval or whatever shape you created it in. Easy as that… 🙂 …I was really pleased when I figured that out… kathy


      • And Becca, thank you so much for the honor of the Candle Lighter award…I think that award is such a special idea…what could possibly be more wonderful in life than to help light candles for/of others? … I thank you very sincerely….. your last sentence of thank you may be some of the most special words that have ever been said to me…..so thank you for that,too…. : ) kathy


  13. what a lovely idea to share these. You are spreading light, in every sense of the word, all around. I’ve emailed you my mailing address. Walk in beauty.


    • I’m so happy to share these…and Joss, thank you for your encouragement when I was in the process of figuring out how to go about doing that… guiding that 7th grader mind along… : ) it’s such a happy thing to share… and a happy day to you…. kathy


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