Morning has broken….the beginning of each new day

Such a beautiful song….such beautiful words….


This Cat Stevens’ song seems extra-special today…March 30…my husband’s and my anniversary. This song was playing as we….”walked down the aisle”….27 years ago this morning….

“morning has broken….”


Well…with a twinkle in my eye, I might add….we didn’t actually “walk down the aisle”…we walked across the snowy deck of the little mid mountain lodge at Incline Ski Area, overlooking Lake Tahoe. We had met in 1975 and  lived together for 10 years, post hippie/Berkeley days….had owned 2 homes and were happily settled into everyday life…when, one weekend, we decided to get married. We tried to think of where we felt the happiest…and that was in the mountains….at Lake Tahoe.

So, we got very busy…..we called and invited 10 dear friends to join us that next Saturday, got the approval from Incline Ski Area, found a skiing minister, arranged for a catered brunch and champagne to be brought to the mid mountain lodge deck by snowmobile, bought a very unusual variation on a “wedding gown,”  bought a handsome clip on bow tie, and temporary wedding rings….worried about the road to Tahoe being blocked for a few midweek days by a huge blizzard….and that next Saturday morning…

a beautiful morning broke…
crisp and clear,
full of laughter, happiness and energy…
the beginning of another new day…
a special and precious day…
“morning has broken” played on the tape deck
as we walked across the deck…
contented, happy and optimistic
…as morning was breaking…



And to my husband….
thank you for your kindness, nurturing, love and encouragement
each day of these many years…
I am deeply thankful….



And…Cat Stevens…singing Morning Has Broken…


Wishing us all
contented, happy and optimistic beginnings
to each of our new days

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25 Responses to Morning has broken….the beginning of each new day

  1. granbee says:

    Happy, happy, HAPPY anniversay,dear lady! What a wonderful wedding you did have there at Lake Tahoe! This version of Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens often rings in my head and heart as I set out on my morning walks each day. Such joy you share with us here. Bless you and thank you!

  2. What a beautiful wedding morning! Happy anniversary! Such a handsome wedding party, too. Yes, my teaching career would not have been possible without my husband, great supporter of what I do.

    • Weren’t we all so dapper and fine looking??? : ) …lots of borrowed jackets, boots and mittens….along with so much fun and happiness too. And yes, I can tell from your blog what a kind and supportive husband you have!

  3. My husband just emailed that he sent the link to this post to friends and family that joined us that day…to any who arrive here….Hi!!!…from me….wasn’t that a fun day? I was just thinking about the taped music during the “reception”…the only songs I can remember were…”Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “Still Crazy After All These Years”…. :roll: And links to posts about Lynda and Paul…Thanksgivings together …. And Cindy and Jim…. travels to Santa Fe And a Christmas dinner with Cindy and Jim…fun centerpieces made there
    And one more…some creations by Julie (she was born 2 years later) half way down that post is a photo of Peter dancing enthusiastically, with the wii, to Land of 1000 Dances…well, I guess he’s still a bit crazy after all these years????

  4. sufilight says:

    Aaaaw, this made my eyes misty and heart open, and lips smile. :) Happy Anniversary, Kathy! I wish you both many, many more years together. :)

  5. what a precious memory. Thank you for sharing it with us. Now I’ll be humming Morning has Broken all evening and sending light and joy your way.

  6. Thank you Joss. There were lots of precious memories that day. I love having light and joy sent my way…thank you.
    Speaking of special…I just added a poem to my aunt’s blog: 95 and Still Writing. You might enjoy her poems….she’s quite a woman! Talk about someone who valued, and continues to value, each and every morning!

  7. Cindy Dix says:

    Wow! 27 years ago and I remember it well. It was such a wonderful experience being with two of our dearest friends and sharing their special day. Just think still good friends after all these years and being separated by hundreds of miles. Hope you both had a lovely day. Wish we were with you. Love, Cindy and Jim

    • Hi Cindy and Jim! ….wasn’t that a fun day??…and to think that we skied after drinking all that champagne! We went to Tourelle/Postino last night…and sat beside another couple celebrating their anniversary…they were the former owners of Bonanza Books in WC and Shakespeare’s Books in Berkeley…oh I love books!…fun conversations! We miss you!..Texas is just too far away! The food didn’t taste as yummy without you and Jim there! In the photos, I see that Peter isn’t wearing the bow tie during the actual ceremony…I remember thinking that the bow tie was a bit “frivolous” and lacking “dignity”…can you imagine me thinking like that??…getting married on a deck of a ski area and me being concerned about dignity???…funny! Isn’t it wonderful that we’re not nearly as crazy after all these years?

  8. nrhatch says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and yours!

    As soon as I started reading, I remembered that you did NOT walk down the aisle . . . you skiied down the slopes. Wheeeeeeee!

    • Thanks, Nancy….my daughter Julie called last night and reminded me that I didn’t exactly “walk” across that deck…I “clomped” across the deck in ski boots…no gracefulness there…
      I save gracefulness for skiing, not walking. : )

  9. suzicate says:

    Happy anniversary. I knew this first by Cat Stevens, well before I ever knew it was a hymn; at any rate it is beautiful all the same.

    • thank you….we had a special day and evening. I actually didn’t realize that it’s a hymn until I googled the lyrics yesterday…I only knew it as a Cat Stevens’ song. I remember it fondly from the year 1972….wow…now that was quite awhile ago! : )

  10. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger award! Please go to to see how to accept. :)

  11. I wish you a very happy anniversary!!

  12. Joni says:

    This has always been a favorite song for me too, since the 70s! Good to be reminded of it again…and thank-you for the “like”.

  13. Robin says:

    I’m a little late (so you’ll have to celebrate again!). A very Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Wonderful post, with one of my favorite songs. :)

  14. cuhome says:

    Happy anniversary to both of you! (I guess it would have to be “both”, huh?) Your description sounds beautiful!!! I wish I’d been there; your retelling is so filled will wonderous magic!

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