Nurturing Thursdays…. Two Sunsets, by Ludovico Einaudi



Nurturing Thursday

Sometimes, we might feel nurtured by…
a warm, gentle sense of  touch,
the taste of a yummy treat,
the scent of a favorite flavor,
beauty we take in through our eyes

And sometimes….
it might feel good to just gently close our eyes,
take in a soft breath,
and to simply….

Perhaps listening to
a gurgling brook,
waves at the seashore,
wind blowing through the leaves,
laughter in the next room

Or perhaps…..
instead of only looking at beauty,
“listening” to beauty

Instead of only looking at a beautiful sunset…
perhaps, we can “listen” to a beautiful sunset, too,
listening to a “sense” of the beauty of that sunset,
 listening to the sunset

Perhaps, gently closing our eyes, taking a soft nourishing breath and listening,
nurturing ourselves by listening to  this beautiful music…
“listening” to a sunset
listening to the music of ….Two Sunsets….
simply… listening to the exquisite beauty of the sun setting






And so….
perhaps simply imagine “listening” to the beauty of a sunset…
simply imagine….


Can you “hear” the sun setting?



Part of Nurturing Thursdays, hosted at Becca Given’s blog, On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea. Please visit Becca’s site for her Nurturing Thursday post and for links to posts of other frequent contributors to Nurturing Thursdays.


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7 Responses to Nurturing Thursdays…. Two Sunsets, by Ludovico Einaudi

  1. becca givens says:

    This is ohhhh sooooo wonderful for my spirit — thank you.
    Last weekend I traveled to Arkansas for a retreat with my Energy Sisters — we stayed in a very quiet place surrounded by trees whose branches were shedding — I never realized leaves falling like rain could be so noisy … it was an amazing experience.


  2. Becca, I’m so happy you enjoyed it.. I think it’s lovely too…
    What a wonderful weekend you must have had! Isn’t nature amazing???? Speaking of the energy and nature, this is a short, exquisite video that speaks to that…

    Yesterday, I had put that video on another blog I have… ( ) the one where I post materials I use while helping out the people from Tibet and Africa with English….helping people … Paul Stamets said, “we need to have a paradigm shift…”
    I wrote, “We ARE all connected! “I guess I have a passion for, deep belief in and commitment to supporting all people’s happiness, confidence, well being and connection with others by helping people learn to speak English, if that’s what they want to do…to be able to understand, talk with and nurture relationships with all people in their communities…simple as that!”
    “Okay…. I tried!”
    Becca…thank you to you, too…for, as Stamets said…. “trying”…I think that your hosting Nurturing Thursdays supports a very important and precious paradigm shift.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Very very beautiful, listen to the sunset, be present, pay attention to the details, simplicity! I’m trying to focus on all these right now, being more present and gratitude always.


    • Isn’t it sooooooo amazing that there’s so much beauty all around us???…in so many simple and varied realms, in each and every moment! As you wrote, learning to become more focused, present, aware and filled with gratitude for so much! Happy Sunday to you! 🙂

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