“May your heart always be joyful…may your spirit always be true….forever young….”


Have you ever noticed how vibrant and joyful some people are…
seeming to embody the potential for one’s outlook to be….
“forever young”


forever young happy birthday 2014



“forever young,”
a twinkle in the eye,
a kind, open, flexible, forgiving and loving heart,
a mind that is curious, explores, investigates,
one that discovers and experiences
“forever young….”
“forever true….”


For all of us…
may each of our hearts, minds and spirits
continue to be…
forever “young”…


Forever young show up and choose to be present


May you stay forever “young”…
with a twinkle in your eye, curiosity in your mind,  love in your heart,
May your heart always be joyful,
May your song always be sung,
forever  “young”


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2 Responses to “May your heart always be joyful…may your spirit always be true….forever young….”

  1. Yes, returning to the joyfulness of a child.. ❤


  2. yes…the joyfulness of a child.
    Yesterday, I read some special thoughts on Daily OM, tying in with your idea…seeing children as “little gurus”….being inspired by children…


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