“Time is suspicious”…those pesky “subjective” aspects of time

A few years ago, an 8 year old boy came into my classroom and thoughtfully commented,

“Time is suspicious!”


Isn’t that an astute observation?
sometimes “time” seems to pass so quickly,
other times it seems to drag along so slowly…
very suspicious!


Have you ever noticed???
there seem to be several types of “time”

“Objective,” measurable “time….
really based on the “traveling…” of the Earth,
relative to…
the rotation of the earth
and the revolution of the earth around the sun…
quantified by


And then a very different aspect of “time …”
that “subjective” experience of “time  passing,”
the pace at which “time” seems to pass,
often “relative” to…
what we’re doing,
who we’re with,
the way we’re feeling
the way others are feeling
how we’ re reacting to various situations


And in terms of  the many ways we might be measuring or experiencing  time,

“time” really can be “suspicious”


perhaps, the period of “time” that really matters is
…this present moment…





I love Dr. Who’s explanation of time! According to him,  it’s all very simple..no need to think about it any longer… here it is… (only 15 seconds long…)

So….that’s it…

“just a big ball of….wibbly wobbly… timey wimey…. stuff….”

….easy as that…


however…at times, it still seems a bit…suspicious!



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2 Responses to “Time is suspicious”…those pesky “subjective” aspects of time

  1. sufilight says:

    I had liked and left a comment for this post a couple of days ago from my Iphone; the comment seemed to have posted. I had commented that the little boy is wise and agreed that time is indeed suspicious. Children are our teachers.:D


    • At first, when he first said that, I thought that he had “misunderstood” the word “suspicious”…but then, on further reflection, I realized that he had a far deeper understanding of and perspective about “time” than I did…he was a wonderful teacher for me, for sure…


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