“The important thing to do is to start…make the leap”



From Give Our Time blog, by Eric Winger,  “The Leaves Don’t Hesitate.”  Another similar, inspiring post by Eric: Don’t Go Through Life, Grow Through Life”



It occurred to me that we all have numerous, varied opportunities to investigate or to learn “something new”….something that might help oneself or others:  expanding upon a current skill, developing a new skill,  following a new or different path, offering a kind word, a smile, a bit of encouragement to oneself or others …not waiting for instructions… not waiting for a “perfect time”….. doing something…. anything… making the leap…perhaps a leap of the mind…perhaps a leap of the spirit…making a leap….



And so….
to keep in our minds….and in our spirits



……..making the leap………


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7 Responses to “The important thing to do is to start…make the leap”

  1. Oh two of my favourite bloggers together in the one post, I love it! I’ve always been a big leaper myself. Much better to take a risk and leap than to spend a lifetime wondering what if?



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