“Year of Jamaica”…. offering kindness to the world…. a special new blog by a special blogger


Cat, the creator of the blog, “Year of Kindness”…a blog describing her wonderful, varied, daily acts of kindness… has moved from Australia to  rural Jamaica!  And she has a wonderful new blog titled “Year of Jamaica.”


Year of Jamaica new blog


Cat’s new blog, Year of Jamaica,  is filled with heartwarming and intriguing details, as she settles in, meets people  and adapts to life in a remote village in Jamaica.

  Here’s a screen capture,  from an August post on her previous blog, Year of Kindness….explaining her motivation in moving to Jamaica. What an inspiration!


“Every day I wake up, same thing for breakfast”
posted August 26, 2013, on Year of Kindness


year of jamaica year of kindness


One of Cat’s posts several years ago in Year of Kindness actually provided deep inspiration for me in the first few months of blogging on Pocket Perspectives.  I wanted to  share “images” I create and ideas about living a more positive life with others, but had no idea whether anyone would ever even see anything I post.  I was also a bit timid and very “shy” and worried that people actually might come to Pocket Perspectives… a bit of a quandary there!

Many, many months went by when the only views on Pocket Perspectives were random Google searches or spammers. I was almost thankful for the spam!  Isn’t that amazing?

The ideas in the following  post provided so much inspiration to me during those early months!

from Year of Kindness,  “Today You are You”

giving flowers

On that particular day that Cat wrote about,  she had been offering flowers to others and some people weren’t interesting in accepting…

gving flowers happydancecat


“But whether you’re holding a bunch of flowers, your resume or your heart, you have to have faith that whatever you are offering to the world, eventually someone will walk by who accepts and appreciates it completely and joyfully, and there really is no better feeling”

I created an “image page”  and a post, “have faith that whatever you’re offering to the world,”  using part of Cat’s quote.  I then printed out that image and taped copies of it above our kitchen sink and beside my computer monitor…an inspiration for me  to simply keep coming back to the sincere motivation to share, to offer ideas  and  “images”  to others…in case any of the ideas or images might resonate or be helpful for anyone else.


offering to the world

and now, Cat is living in a remote village in Jamaica…
continuing to offer kindness to the world,
an ongoing inspiration


year of jamaica year of kindness

And so…
a reminder to Cat,
(and to all of us)
as she adjusts and adapts to living in Jamaica….
her very own special words,
coming back to her through cyberspace,
across many thousands of miles and many days and months later…


offering kindness to the world  year of kindness

a photo of  the quote…
now a bit faded and worn,
but offering continuing inspiration,
offering kindness to the world

offering kindness to the world  Year of Kindness

Please take a few moments and stop by Cat’s  blog, Year of Jamaica,
offering her our interest and support….
as she starts this new year of kindness to others
Thank you, Cat!


year of jamaica blog


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7 Responses to “Year of Jamaica”…. offering kindness to the world…. a special new blog by a special blogger

  1. Oh honey, I’m so touched. Thankyou so much. And it couldn’t be better timing – I really do need to hear those words this week (and do my best to live by them). I’m blown away by the fact that you still have that quote taped up! Just goes to show how you never know the ripple effect that may occur when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and live a life that is true to yourself.

    Thankyou also for continuing to share your beautiful insights and inspiration with the world, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it really is a special gift.




  2. hugmamma says:

    great that you’re spreading cat’s words… 🙂


  3. sufilight says:

    Thank you, for giving me a glimpse of a beautiful soul with courage to live her life fully. The quote is one that encourages us to continue expressing ourselves even when we experience rejection of our offering. I chuckled at your comment that you were happy for spam mail at one time. LOL.


    • Isn’t she a special person? And isn’t it something that the words she had offered others several years ago just arrived back to her at a time when those words resonate. I was originally posting just to let others know about her new blog…but around half way through creating the post, I had a sense that the timing was deeper than just that…that those words might be of benefit to her….and it seems it is…
      And yes, “happy” for spam…isn’t that odd? I guess that might partly be due to a desire/need in all people to share and be “seen,” in a deeper sense of that word. That “spam appreciation” awareness helped me understand more deeply why kids that I was teaching at that time would act out at times…to try to have someone “see” them… that they wanted and had a deep human need for connection…they simply chose a confused way to do that.


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