faith in, and living with…. goodness, kindness and love



faith in and living with goodness kindness and love



faith in…
and living with…
goodness, kindness and love
as much….as often…as fully
as possible…
goodness, kindness and love



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8 Responses to faith in, and living with…. goodness, kindness and love

  1. lauriesnotes says:

    Love this. I commented on another blog that my husband is looking to start a kindness program at the school where he works and they mentioned you may like to know that. 🙂
    To kindness and love..


  2. sufilight says:

    I read your words out loud and the message went straight to my heart. If everyone lived with goodness, kindness and love there would be less suffering in this world. I am the one that mentioned to Laurie in either her blog or mine that if you knew about the kindness program for kids you would really like the idea. 😀 I am new subscriber to Laurie’s blog and I enjoy reading her posts. They are daily gems.


    • Oh yes…the more people who can recognize and realize this, the kinder world it will be. And..ah ha… I had seen Laurie’s comment on a blog, but didn’t remember where…before you had responded. I linked some other posts to her that her husband might be interested in. Laurie’s blog is wonderful…she is very precious and posts sincere, heartfelt, tender and touching ideas…as you write, daily gems.


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