“A more friendly, more caring and more understanding human family on this planet….” … a heartfelt appeal


more  friendly, caring, understanding human family on this planet DalaiLama



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19 Responses to “A more friendly, more caring and more understanding human family on this planet….” … a heartfelt appeal

  1. what’s that silly saying? “from your mouth to God’s ear!”


  2. Patricia says:

    It would be heaven on earth…


  3. sufilight says:

    I join the Dalai Lama’s prayer with all my heart. May peace prevail. Amen!


  4. May we all be praying this prayer. I believe in that collective power. What a beautiful prayer it is!


  5. seeker says:

    Thanks for the prayers. The Dalai Lama teaches compassion and compassion will open ones heart. Which is the same as your quote. Thanks again.


  6. Keep doing what you’re doing. ♪it only takes a spark to get a fire going♫


  7. dearrosie says:

    So much wisdom in the quote. The Dalai Lama is such a brilliant, yet such a humble man. I heard him speak a few years ago when he came to L.A. What a thrill!

    Thanks for explaining where the photo was taken. Love the profusion of ferns in the rainforest.
    It was only while I walked along the Camino in Spain earlier this year that I started trying to communicate with the trees.


    • Yes, The DalaiLama holds so much love, compassion and wisdom. I also saw him in San Jose, a few years ago. It was very moving. I have a variety of quotes from TheDalaiLama on Reflections from a Friend, another blog I have/am part of. (a list of The DalaiLama quotes in Reflections… http://reflectionsfromafriend.wordpress.com/?s=dalailama )
      You walked the along the Camino? Is Robin (Bogs of Ohio) aware of that? Do you have any posts about that?
      And trees…. : ) …. as we used to drive to over Donner Summit to Lake Tahoe, I would imagine the branches of the trees opening in welcome to us as we would drive by… : )


      • dearrosie says:

        I can barely keep up with one blog. How many are you writing? And you write here every day? I take my hat off to you.
        A mutual blogging buddy let Robin know I’d walked the Camino.
        On the menu bar (ie top of my blog) under the heading Travel Posts you’ll see the subheading Spain with the links to the posts I’ve written so far. I had to wait about 20 years before I did the walk. Its still percolating….

        Love the way you describe the branches opening to welcome you. I’ve never driven over the Donner Summit – what kind of trees?


        • Well… I seem to have 4 blogs now… PP and Reflections since April, 2011, and then one I created for my 96 year old aunt where I post her poetry and writing, “96 and Still Writing” http://poemsbyokie.wordpress.com/ But then my own mother, 94 years old, felt a bit jealous that her “big sister” was gaining recognition through that blog and she wasn’t, so I recently created one for her….the proverbial straw: http://94andstillfeisty.wordpress.com/
          So, mostly I do PP… creating and adding image pages I make to help myself get clarity when I’m confused about some idea… it’s my way of getting ideas out of my head/heart and into more visual symbols. ( I don’t know until each morning whether there might be a post/pages that day…it just seems to happen on it’s own, spontaneously. ) And the ideas on Reflections help me stay more positive, appreciative, centered etc and also support life and the creation of “image pages” for PP…. both supporting each other. btw…I retired from teaching school in June, so have lots of time now for creating and doing whatever I might want to do each day
          And what kind of trees? …now this is strange…I’m not sure…there are a variety of sizes evergreens, with sweeping, graceful branches… (except the “brave” little ones near the road that have twisted branches from plows, snowbanks, life )I don’t think they’re pines…maybe fir or spruce? (that area is just beautiful…well worth a visit!)
          ps…I sometimes bring older images to the top, so those images were previously created. When I feel the need for a reminder, or think it’s a good time, I repost images and ideas or revise and expand upon them.


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