To not worry about situations that might be around the corner….but to see the positive potential

Now….for me….
this idea is so important to “practice”….
to keep bringing the mind back to this perspective
…again and again and again…
to open the mind to the positive potential within each day…
the many and varied possibilities….
to stay focused on living this potential in each moment,
but also including an underlying  awareness
of longer term intentions and motivations
To remind oneself again and again and again….
of the positive potential that may present itself…
And as much or often as we can….
going into each and every day of our lives
….with an open and flexible mind…

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20 Responses to To not worry about situations that might be around the corner….but to see the positive potential

  1. Yes the knowing and believing in all things positive Very nice post.


  2. granbee says:

    Practicing positivity gets more and more invigorating and soothing all at the same time,”as time goes by!”


  3. Yes…that’s for sure…granbee, thank you for adding that reminder: “as time goes by”… It seems like one might make good steady progress at this, but then a new or unfamiliar situation arises and…whoosh… back one might go to that reminding/ practice stage again…so much to learn…as you say…to keep in mind…”as time goes by”….ah ha…might that be “a little bit at a time” ?????…. why that’s the “little bit, little bit, little bit at a time” bear again…. : )


  4. saymber says:

    Even the worst of times can open doors to the best changes/opportunities we can hope to experience. For every fall there is a spring. I’ve had many an experience of falling down, dusting off and getting back up and walking to the best of all circumstances.


    • It’s kind of remarkable how doors can open after, or even during, difficult times…as you pick oneself back up and keep walking…toward potentially positive circumstances… thanks for your ideas… : )


  5. it’s something we all to be reminded of, to look for opportunities and good things coming in our way in the midst of change instead of freaking out! heh heh. I think, for many of us, this is our first response and we can always use to be reminded to look for the good, for the positive potential of each day.


    • ah yes…to get a firm grip on that “freaking out” response….and instead to create a new “habit” of looking, or having confidence in, for that positive potential….well, Joss, you’re getting a wonderful opportunity to practice this! : ) We’re all watching carefully! : )


  6. sufilight says:

    Kathy, I have a tendency of worrying about the future and I know it’s not healthy for the mind and body, so this practice to expect the best is a good habit to cultivate.


  7. Well, I could tell last evening that “worry” wasn’t healthy for the mind/body….a weird sense of tension in the middle of me…so today…I just happened to learn to ….yodel !!!…on a clip from an old Oprah show… And, remarkably enough, that seemed to get rid of some of the tension…Okay, Marie……are you ready for this?? “ay eeeee, ay eeeeee… oh eeeeee, oh eeeee… little old lady ooooohhhh…” go to about 3 minutes into the clip and she’ll give instructions….a new kind of “energy healing” !?!?! (but I’ve decided, I’m NOT going to become some “little old lady” …!!…even if I sing my yodeling with those syllables! )


  8. You have become such an important inspiration in my life, thank you! I agree, mindfulness is what gets me through the… whatever…. I try to let go of any worries there is nothing I can do about. Those that I can I do. Its that easy some days. And those days its not I will look towards what now is a bulletin board that are the home to the Pocket Perspectives that I have printed out. Thanks so much for this new one,

    ~ Abundant Blessings, BB


  9. Oh, BB, thank you for your feedback….I’m so happy that the ideas help…they come out of ways I try to find solutions for my own confusion or stumbles…and positives too… and sometimes I guess they are useful for others too…that’s wonderful! And as far as worrying goes…and developing more mindfulness about letting them go… I put some ideas that I find really helpful… onto Reflections….ideas that tie in with this idea… “if you have problem and can’t fix it….” it’s maybe the most useful piece of advice that I’ve ever read…it’s over there on Reflections today…


  10. Thank you for that sweet response. I am heading over to the link you suggested with great anticipation.
    Out all that I wrote you pick up on the fact that I tend to worry, that its my one thorn is so perceptive of of you. I wonder if you should also add the word perceptive to your blog title. Perceptive Pockets Perspectives. Then we could call it the Tri-P’s.
    I am just kidding now. Playing, It’s late and not sleeping tends to let me get a bit rummy,
    Thanks again for the link~


  11. nrhatch says:

    Life takes practice and patience . . . we must keep bringing ourselves back to the task.


  12. Roberta says:

    You are always so helpful..Thank you!


    • Hi Roberta…you’re very welcome…I’m happy to share what’s been offered to me, or ideas that I come up with…it seems that many of us are in the midst of…or approaching…. some changes…well, I guess that’s part of life, isn’t it?…so ideas about approaching changes in a positive manner seems to be a common thread.


  13. cuhome says:

    I think you summed this up perfectly in the last line: ” going into each and every day of our lives
    ….with an open and flexible mind”


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