River, take me along….

Tonight, as I write this post,
I’m sitting next to the most wonderful river…

the headwaters of the Pemigewasset River
in the White Mountains of New Hampshire…
such a beautiful, rocky, magical river!
(I grew up here, but now live 3000 miles away)

I could spend
hours, days, weeks…
just sitting by,
or in,
this river,
gazing, reflecting, imagining
learning from it…
wandering from pool to pool,
exploring little rapids and currents…
it’s such a wonderful river! 

The words to the song, “River, take me along…” (written by Bill Staines, who lives in New Hampshire)  express the love for a river better than I ever could …

Here’s to the rainbows that followed me here
Here’s to the friends that I know
I feel the song within me now
I’ll sing it where ‘er I go…

River…take me along
In your sunshine, sing me your song
Ever moving and winding and free
You rolling old river, you changing old river
Let’s you and me river go down to the sea….”


That river video is a still shot video compilation, made by my daughter Julie,  of a lovely river near Olympia Washington…with the song “River, take me along” in the background.

I love that song
and I love rivers…
and am sooo happy that my daughter
has a love of rivers, too!


Link to full “River…”written and sung by Bill Staines


Does anyone have other river songs they like?….

I also like “Watching the river run”,
by Loggins and Messina

and  “I’ve got peace like a river”
by Nancy Cassidy…
any other suggestions?

Any other river lovers out there????

ps8/21 I’m guessing that “my” beautiful, gentle little river might become a raging torrent by the time I wake up in the morning…there have been astounding thunderstorms here this evening….but in a few days, the river will probably be back to it’s normal, gentle flow….

Additional psps..8/22: the water level in the river did rise….and it is a “raging torrent”…I’ve never seen it as high and as powerful looking….

it’s a good reminder for me
that things are changing all the time,
to appreciate however they might be
in each moment….
to be flexible
and accept those ongoing changes,
whether in the flow of the river,
the flow of other circumstances,
in other people
or myself.

Change happens….

8/29: Hurricane Irene hit New Hampshire and Vermont really hard: huge flooding…that same, usually gentle,  section of river….change certainly does happen… Mountain Wandering Blog with photos of changes along the PemiRiver

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6 Responses to River, take me along….

  1. theponderingturtle says:

    I hope to live by a river one day…
    Row row row your boat, gently down the… river? : )
    merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream-iver lalalalala~


  2. enermazing says:

    Thank you for this refreshing post 🙂


  3. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I had never heard that song. it touched my heart as you knew it would.


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