“Stop! Stop everybody! I’m happy now!” by a 4 year old

A friend of mine, Carole, has 5 wonderful grandchildren.  A few months ago, her  4 year old granddaughter  woke up from a nap at her preschool…and was soooo distressed and  unhappy. The other children and teachers were very concerned and comforted her and expressed lots of concern.  A bit of time passed, the kids were sitting at a table and this little girl suddenly raised her arms high in the air and  made an enthusiastic announcement to all…

“Stop! Stop everybody!  I’m happy now!!”

Don’t you just know that feeling???

And so…

may we all appreciate that wonderful sensation of  “moments of happiness”,

no matter how long those moment may last,

  or how often they may occur…

each moment of happiness is such a blessing.

May each one of us notice moments of happiness today….


A few other pages, from this blog  that support this idea:

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A few wonderful sites that are filled with smile producing posts:

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An added note: I talked with my 92 year old mother today….she has broken both of her legs/hips, in separate falls, one in April, the other in June. .  She had operations to repair each break, with rods put in , and is finally back to  Peabody Home, the kind and loving place where she lives….and is soooo  happy and sooo thankful to be back in her own lovely room…and being taken care of by so many kind and loving people…and she also is echoing this sentiment:   “I’m happy now!!”

And so, no matter what our age…. 4 or  92,

we all appreciate how wonderful it is to feel happy again, after a difficult time.



Update on “I’m happy now”….when I found an advanced google image search, clicked on it and saw what appeared on the screen…I was surprised!!… and happy, too.    I’m so astounded when I look at that search image page…you just never know what you can do…I guess that you just never know...a little bit and a little bit add up to a lot! (link to “Almost all Pocket Perspectives images” is on the right hand column under “Blogroll…it’s an easy way to browse the images,without having to read the posts)

I read a wonderful post on Spirit Lights the Way...about “speaking one’s truth, quietly and clearly” ...

that’s what I’m trying to do

in all of my posts and those images on that page….

“speak my own truth, quietly and clearly”….

perhaps one way to support each other’s happiness in each moment?

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11 Responses to “Stop! Stop everybody! I’m happy now!” by a 4 year old

  1. Love that feeling! Thanks for posting this Kathy “I’m happy now!” 🙂


  2. nrhatch says:

    I love this!!!! Glad you’re mom is back where she wants to be. 😀


    • Thanks….I see it as a bit of a triple “miracle”…recovering from TWO breaks/surgeries and seeming to be happier and more grateful now than she has been in many, many years…I guess one never knows!


  3. enermazing says:

    The little girl is so right! 🙂 Why destroy our happy feelings by getting greedy and going over the top…


    • Yes, just little moments of happiness or quiet contentment are so special…children have so much to teach us. I guess we once had those insights, but,perhaps, forgot..so now to reconnect. I see that your blog, “enermazing,” is full of good ideas supporting shifting in that direction. Happy that you found this blog…kathy


  4. Joni Beach says:

    Life can definitely make you feel this way! And, it is fun to be in that “happy” time…thanks for your visit. joni


  5. Very true that each moment of happiness is a blessing. Thank you for making me remember. Stay blessed my friend.


    • Yes, even little moments of happiness are a blessing. I saw on your blog today that you and your family are coming to terms with something very difficult…my heart goes out to you and I wish you courage and strength.
      How wonderful that you went to Sea World anyway. And isn’t it amazing that you could have both happiness, at Sea World, and deep sadness at the same time…I’m so happy you had such precious moments of fun together at Sea World.


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