Persistence is good…

Ahhh…the broken lamp…and my attempts to fix it…

I really like this lamp; It’s an inexpensive “dorm” lamp from Target….I’ve had it for a number of years and really like the light that it gives off…and there were “memories” tied in with it.  But…it broke. The  top section broke and I couldn’t reconnect it to the pedestal.

I tried duct tape…which worked for a week…until the weather got hot and the duct tape stretched and the lamp flopped over! So, I gave up…Then I tried straight metal brackets…kind of good, but the whole thing was really crooked and floppy. I gave up again…Then I bent the metal bracket with pliers, put them against the two parts and duct taped them on…stretched again, lamp flopped over!  Finally, I added a screw bracket used on plumbing hoses….

and that finally worked! …voila, the lamp! …slightly askew, but usable..

Whew….the practice of persistence!…not an easy one…

never the less….persistence is good…

(click on image to view the details of the multi-stage “repair”…. : )    )

The idea of using that pipe/hose bracket was from Hector, someone who has repeatedly rescued us…again and again and again….over the past many years: painting rooms, clearing up the garden, putting things back together…talk about persistence…Hector is always cheerfully and patiently persistent…thank goodness for Hector.

I got a comment about this post from another wordpress blogger: solookhere …. his comment is on the following photo (his photo) and on his own blog

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4 Responses to Persistence is good…

  1. solookhere says:

    I like this. I did something similar with a water purifier that had a rubber tap attachment which sprayed water all round the room. I looked everywhere but could not buy a more suitable connection, so I made one from garden hose fittings. It cost me skin from my fingers to assemble, but it works well. Persistence, like the sea arriving at the shore; it does not grind rock into sand with one wave.


  2. Thanks for visiting Pocket Perspectives…happy to have you check it out.
    And yes, ingenuity…such an important quality….especially with household repairs! ..and figuring out how to make/post blogs too! And I really like that phrase/image about persistence. I just googled it, but didn’t find it.??? that from someone else? or is it yours? . btw…your blog has wonderful quotes….if anyone else sees this reply, check out …some wonderful quotes there.


  3. theponderingturtle says:

    I think the word ‘persistence’ was non-existent in my vocabulary in the last few years, but it definately exists now that I always try to find a clear and meaningful purpose in the things I do. I’m glad you eventually got your lamp fixed! I don’t know much about fixing lights, but I do know how much lighting can change a room and a persons mood 🙂
    oh, and I too, really like that quote from solookhere…


    • Ah yes….persistence….it’s an ongoing challenge for me. I think your idea of going back to find the clear and meaningful purpose in things is great…And my motivation for fixing that light was exactly that….wanting the mood of the light from the colored shades was what motivated me. I had also had that light in a “flat lighted” tutoring/classroom that I had taught in for a few years….and the light seemed to add such an element of cheer and energy each afternoon when I was there….so that was the sense I wanted to maintain. So thank you, pondering turtle for that reminder about the purpose here. 🙄


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