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Sometimes life involves a careful balancing act

Ah, yes:  balancing:intention…ingenuity…courage…effort…persistence I seem to be needing those qualities today…. and happen to be using all of them right now, too. You Can Get It If You Really Want: Jimmy Cliff The squirrel:  This bird feeder, hanging outside our … Continue reading

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To not worry about situations that might be around the corner

The good advice is from a very insightful friend Ven. Jampa… to keep in mind as I try that “one gutsy thing”. Here are my husband Peter and our daughter Julie…hiking in New Hampshire. To Everything There Is a Season: … Continue reading

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May we all hold each other with tenderness and care

I think, perhaps, this page needs no explanation… it “speaks” for itself. The photo is from the website of Camille Allen, a woman who sculpts tiny little lifelike dolls. For a real treat, I recommend linking into her website and … Continue reading

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OGT: One Gutsy Thing

Click on image above to enlarge it or view larger pdf  of page:OGT: One Gutsy Thing About 8 or 10 years ago, I came up with the idea of getting brave and  just doing  “One Gutsy Thing”…when I was nervous … Continue reading

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Loving kindness: May we all feel….

  Click on images, above, to enlarge them.  (Or view a larger pdf image: “May We All Feel…..”,  Just like myself…  may be slow to open)   When I think about it, it really seems that…. What affects one, affects us … Continue reading

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Smile ’til Your Cheeks Hurt

Click on image, above, to enlarge. View larger, printable pdf image of this page: Smile ‘Til Your Cheeks Hurt Awwww…now this song can bring a smile to my face,too…. I love this song: You Are My Sunshine 4/3/2011    Last week, … Continue reading

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“Be A Light In My Lantern…”

Josh Ritter singing Lantern Song at the Avalon Theater:Josh Ritter singing  Lantern Song Josh Ritter has a wonderful song called “Light in My Lantern.”  I like to listen to this song   while looking at the attached Lantern Page, and imagine … Continue reading

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