Hornby Eagles : A baby eagle has hatched…

2012 Live Cam from a more distant tree: Hornby Eagles
Main site: Hornby Eagles

2011: Ongoing daily “Video Clips”  from Hornby  Eagles site: many wonderful video clips, added multiple times each day…with explanations about what is happening with the eaglets and parents

Photo compilation, directly above, is 2011: Eaglets= Alexandra and David (bottom center photo shows Alexandra feeding David…she is more dominant and usually takes food until she is full…but she never fed David before)

The eagles and the people who maintain the camera  and keep a close watch on the nest (Doug Carrick and friends)  seem a lot like the ideas expressed in the post and song “Calypso”…just replace the word “Calypso” with “Eagles”  ….and you’ll see what I mean…

6/30/11: Video clip of the older eaglet, Alexandra, feeding the younger eaglet, David.  Youtube video clip  She starts feeding him about half way through the clip…it’s really precious to watch the 2 of them.  (she’s usually quite dominant and assertively grabs much of the food for herself…so this is really remarkable!)

6/28/11: Both eaglets are growing fast and doing well…amazing to watch the interactions, the personalities of each eaglet, the increasing independence and the continued intense care and nurturing by both parents…..remarkable… June 28 clip: Dad flies in with food

5/27/11: Lots of growth in the eaglets. Really clear  Youtube video clip of both parents in nest feeding the eaglets at the same time.

Ongoing daily “Video Clips”  from Hornby  Eagles site: many ongoing wonderful video clips, with explanations about what is happening,  added each day

4/28/11   8PM  PDT  Hornby Eagles: One of the eagle chicks hatched today, at 1:45 PM.  Doug Carrick, the “protector” of the tree, and developer of the Hornby Eagles  web cam and website, just named the chick “Alexandra”,  after a famous biologist. Another eaglet hatched several days later….David. Both chicks seem to be healthy and strong…and remarkable to watch!!

Youtube video of the Dad feeding the 5 hour old chick the first few bite of food. (Really cute! The chick keeps tipping over, but gets a few bites.)

Baby Phoenix
April-July 14, 2010
I watched the same mom and dad eagle
with a wonderful little chick,

in this same nest last year…
it was incredibly moving.

Watching Phoenix grow,
week after week,
was remarkable…
and watching how much work it was
for the mother and father eagle…
not easy being an animal.

The mother and father
were so gentle and attentive and protective
with that endearing little chick.
They are as gentle, watchful and careful
as any human parents I’ve ever seen.

The mother and father have been together for about 25 years and have had chicks each year….another big wow.

There were 1000’s of people watching Phoenix grow  last year…and I’m guessing that every single one of us were kinder, more loving  and understanding people after watching that little family  for those few months.

I’m also guessing that each one of us who watched has a developed a deep empathy for animals, compassion for how challenging their lives can be, and more aware of the incredible importance of protecting animals and their habitats.

That little eagle chick,
had a huge impact…
probably even “profound”…
on the hearts and lives of 1000’s of people.

Update: 7/14/11  A tribute to Phoenix. Phoenix, the baby eagle in the photos above,  died 7/14/10, a year ago today. She got what turned out to be  a fungal  infection and died in the nest, shortly before being ready to fly from the nest. Watching the live cam those few months was such a happy and wonder-filled experience. Watching the  cam that day  was one of the saddest days I ever remember. That day and the following days were filled with tears…as are my eyes and heart  right now. A volunteer tree climber climbed to the nest and very gently and lovingly removed her body and took it down.

Thousands of people from all over the world had watched her hatch and grow, and  to develop a  precious little personality of  her very own. There was  unbelievable sadness  worldwide among the people who had watched her  and had come to love her.

Thank you little Phoenix.

Left: a photos of  that nest in the tree and camera. A  youtube video of Phoenix.  A different youtube video of Horny Islands and eagles flying in the area: with Hallelujah playing.

Another baby eagle live cam site: Decorah Eagles

Another interesting cam: California Hummingbird Nest: live cam 

A link to a litter of growing puppies...

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