A heartfelt wish….the “gifts” of kindness, appreciation, compassion and persistence



Enhancing and expanding upon that wish…
words from the Louie Schwartzberg TED video Gratitude



and so today…
a birthday wish….
an aspiration for this next year…
As much and often as possible,
that I can develop, live with, offer and expand upon these qualities
to offer them
to others…
and also to myself
…this is a birthday wish that I have….



And may we all have the opportunities
to live with, develop and expand upon these qualities


the many blessings of each day to each and every one of us




The Louie Schwartzberg TED video, Gratitude
(my favorite part starts at 4:40…it’s very special)



The full transcript of that part of the TED video in a previous post: “That everyone you meet today will be  blessed by your presence”
so many “gifts”  each day


flapping gentle wings
wings with these qualities delicately embedded and woven into them
flying along,
as much as one can,
with courage, persistence and perhaps even…wisdom
a heartfelt and sincere wish that I have




ps.. remember these lines from the Beatles song…???….
“will he still need me?…will he still feed me?…when I’m 64?”

yup, apparently so!
(does anyone remember when “64” sounded ancient?!?!..
guess what???…it’s not! )

Someone just emailed a link to this inspiring short video, The Butterfly Effect….a video that ties in with these ideas…thank you for that link!

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28 Responses to A heartfelt wish….the “gifts” of kindness, appreciation, compassion and persistence

  1. Peter says:

    Beautiful. Happy Birthday!

  2. timethief says:

    Happy birthday to you! May you have a wonderful year and many happy returns.

    This is an inspiring post for an auspicious day. By now most are conscious of what Edward Lorenz, American mathematician and meteorologist referred to as the butterfly effect. The butterfly is the symbol of transformation and a reminder of our interconnectedness. In embracing the symbol of the butterfly we are holding to the vision to transform this world collectively by individually opting to make the metamorphosis to peace.

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  4. Thank you for those wonderful wishes! And…oddly enough, I don’t remember hearing of Edward Lorenz and the butterfly effect…or it slipped out of the memory bank? What a remarkable theory…and just perfect for this post. Thank you so much for explaining the transformational implications of the theory….I love that idea!…and it’s part of what I was trying to express. (lots of times, I don’t quite “get” what I’m expressing until later….kind of wafts in…) Well, Edward Lorenz’s ideas are more than just an “idea”…it’s high math theory! And I just had a very strong sense that he was familiar with the White Mountains in NH where I’m from…and googled him and he had a strong connection with areas and mountains where I grew up…special…butterfly effect, indeed. btw…this ties in nicely with you…my husband is giving me this glass ornament for my birthday…the background from the image that you liked…. (“faith in goodness, kindness and love” http://www.madeinwashington.com/product_information.cfm?ID=1746
    http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/faith-in-goodness-kindness-and-love/ )

  5. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you.

  6. nrhatch says:

    Happy Birthday, Kathy. Have a magical day. :D

    • Thank you, Nancy…it was a special day! We spent some time “sitting BY the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away…”…eating dinner in a nice warm SF bayside restaurant, not outside in the foggy windy SF bay breezes! :D (10 minute drive from our house where it felt too warm at 89 degrees, to the bay where it was 60 degrees!)

  7. cuhome says:

    Wonderful! Love the way you’ve woven butterflies into this message!

  8. Eric Winger says:

    That’s a touching video, and quite right. We can only really count on today, a day on which we have been given so many gifts. What better way to spend today than with gratitude for all the people around us.



    • Hi Eric, you’re very welcome. It is such a beautiful and inspiring video….such a sincere and heartfelt reminder to appreciate the many gifts…and I agree…feeling that gratitude each day for the remarkable people around us.

  9. becca givens says:

    A beautiful and Happy Birthday to you!!! Many blessings for this day and the rest of your birthday month!! :D

  10. sufilight says:

    Happy Birthday, Kathy! I never would have guessed you are 64! Times have changed, and we stay younger in mind and body longer. I enjoyed reading about your birthday wish. I think I will emulate you and make a spiritual wish when my birthday comes in November. The butterfly effect has always fascinated me.

    • thank you, Marie. I wouldn’t have guessed I was 64 either…I tend to look and feel much younger…in fact, recently I really feel like I’m going in the other direction…toward younger years..isn’t that odd?…some kind of time warp!…ah ha…the butterfly effect!?!?!…that’s it! :D I look forward to reading your own birthday wish in November!

  11. eof737 says:

    “Happy Belated Birthday to you! :-)
    ¸¸.•*¨*•░H░A░P░P░Y░(¯`’•.¸ *♥♥♥* ¸.•’´¯) ░B░I░R░ T░H░D░A░Y░ (¯`’•.¸*♥♥♥*¸.•’´¯) Hope you enjoyed YOUR special day!
    ║╚╦═╦═╦═╦╦╗ ║╚╦═╦═╦═╦╦╗ ║╚╦╦═╣╚╣╚╦╝╠═╦╦╗
    ║║║╬║╬║╬║║║ ║║║╬║╬║╬║║║ ║╬║║╔╣╔╣║║╬║╬║║║
    ╚╩╩╩╣╔╣╔╩╗║ ╚╩╩╩╣╔╣╔╩╗║ ╚═╩╩╝╚═╩╩╩═╩╩╩╗║
    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Happy Birthday .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥Happy Birthday to youuuuu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸.•*¨*•♫

  12. Robin says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful wish you’ve made for yourself and for others. :)

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