My heart fills with gladness for peace and goodwill…


my heart fills with gladness on mockingbird hill


a family member happened to mention an old song to me today….
how much he enjoys listening to it…
Mockingbird Hill

it’s such a sweet little song, with a lovely little sentiment..
Indeed, my own heart does fill with gladness
for moments of peace and goodwill around each of us each day,
the beauty of birds, animals, flowers, trees, hills, mountains, rivers,
the goodness in and among people around us,
those precious moments of sweetness, calmness, serenity…
peace and goodwill


Mockingbird Hill  lyrics peace and good will


youtube link to  “Mockingbird Hill”


filled with thankfulness on mockingbird hill


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5 Responses to My heart fills with gladness for peace and goodwill…

  1. sufilight says:

    The poster is beautiful, Kathy as is the message.


  2. hugmamma says:

    hugs for reminding me of the song, the singer,…and my youth… 🙂


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